5 Types of Handbags That You Need To Have For Every Occasion

Handbags are the most important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. If you are a fashionista and love bags then you will agree to this when we say that too many purses are never enough. A bag is not just a bag, it is the most hardworking accessory of a woman’s wardrobe. Not only is it an essential component in your closet, but it also carries your day to day items, including valuables and other things, it goes without saying that handbags and clutches are definite that we cannot go without.

When you go shopping, it gets confusing to choose one bag because there are so many other types of bags with a specific purpose. Each season we see new trends evolving with endless options of bags clutches for girls and women. It can get overwhelming to decide which bags are worth investing in and what is their purpose.

For your benefit, we have narrowed it down to a few types of bags that you should have. They all have different purposes so you can get one of each if you want to keep it minimal.

  1. Clutch Bag- Unlike other bags, clutches are considered fancy and it is a must-have for your wardrobe. A clutch bag is small but timeless and elegant accessories. Not only that, but it’s also super convenient for those days when you don’t want to carry a giant luggage-like bag with you everywhere. It’s a perfect way to lighten up the load. Clutches for girls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures.

Not all clutches are small, there are big ones too which carry more than your lipgloss, credit cards, and license. Clutches usually do not have a strap, hence the name, but some bags do come with detachable straps, you just have to see what suits your needs. Clutches can be worn with both casual and formal dresses. You can use your clutch to add funky prints and styles with your attire. You can wear clutches to parties, social gatherings, and formal functions.

  1. Straw Bags- Made with straw, endlessly classic, straw bags have made their place in the list of must-have bags. From rounded to totes to the classic oversized woven carryalls, there are straw bags for every style and fashion. Bohemian straw bags can easily carry a lot of stuff, be it books and day to day items or even towels or a pair of clothes in case of a day out at the beach. Beautifully handcrafted they are light and eye-catching. Pair straw bags with light floral tops or dresses, denim, and sneakers.
  1. Tote Bags- For the working women of the 21st century, who are busy with multitasking, tote bags are the best. It’s a chic bag that will hold everything that you need. It has a perfectly minimal and sophisticated appeal that can carry your belongings to and fro from a grocery store, gym and office while still looking classy. A tote bag is an ultimate accessory, versatile in both style and practicality and it can be worn with both casual and formal wear. Choose yours from dozens of designs, styles, and fabrics.
  1. Crossbody or Wristlet Bags- This bag type is mainly focused on keeping your hands free which means any type of bag that does not get in the way of a good time. A crossbody bag is very convenient because it keeps your hands free and it is lightweight to carry. During the day, it is perfect for running errands, you can keep your cash and phone in it and run out super quick, it’s hassle-free.

Wristlet is similar to a clutch but comes with a bracelet strap to easily attach to your wrist. It’s a glamorous way of letting go of the hassle to hold it.

  1. Duffle or Backpacks- The last one is an oversized bag for when you have to travel. It is an essential item that you can need any time, it is convenient and easy to carry. They’re stylish, versatile, and super spacious without the hassle of carrying large suitcases.

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