Anti Social Social Club

Established in downtown Los Angeles in 2015, Anti Social Social Club has successfully embedded a niche market within the streetwear community. The brand is well-known for transforming the basic garment elements into something extraordinary, introducing a new wave of streetwear style. Anti Social Social Club environs a statement of simplistic and sleek sophistication with the flexibility of the collections creating versatile outfits.

Neek Lurk (former marketing manager of Stussy) founded Anti Social Social Club, utilizing his eccentricity to superbly design his unique work. The most exclusive street styles offered by this brand are a result of Neek’s manic-depressive states. The clothing of Anti Social Social Club has been worn by celebrities all around the world, including rappers like Kanye West. The clothing of this brand has become engrained into the streets of fashion and usually its products are sold as quickly as they are produced. What sets Anti Social Social Club apart from other streetwear clothing brands is its contemporary aesthetic.

While the brand manufactures a wide variety of streetwear clothing, it is mainly known for its exclusively designed t-shirts. Comprised of unorthodox collaborations, pastel pallets, and wavy logo prints, the brand caters to those who are underrepresented in society and gives them the platform to truly express their creativity.


The contradictory name of the brand is demonstrated into its clothing designs, creating a world of unconventional styles and glorious mishaps. Anti Social Social Club is notorious for the graphic texts screen printed on the classic t-shirts and hoodies. This raw aspect of the brand has made its products very high in demand. Anti Social Social Club conveys relatable messages via well-made materials and sets a pioneering example of the success that arises from quality streetwear authenticity.


Recent innovations have seen Anti Social Social Club collaborating with a wide range of well-known designers, establishing exclusive collections for the brand’s clothing. Joining forces with the likes of NEIGHBOURHOOD and Playboy, the uniqueness of Anti Social Social Club has reached great heights. The latest invention sees this brand collaborating with BAPE, bringing a traditional twist to streetwear clothing style. The back drop of the designs is formed by the Japanese-inspired erotica, embellished on the structured compositions of heavy blend hoodies and t-shirts, including the signature camo branding of BAPE.

Incorporating societal and emotional beliefs into the expression of men’s fashion, Anti Social Social Club products are a great example of authentic streetwear with a powerful message. The designs are accurate representations of the ideologies of the brand’s founder, a visual diary of his everyday emotions captured in the amazing artistic flair of streetwear fashion design. As compared to the traditional streetwear, Anti Social Social Club offers a subtle versatility thanks to the simplicity of its designs. The signature wave world emblem of this brand is the focal point of Anti Social Social Club’s clothing. The detailing on the front of its t-shirt and hoody collections demonstrate a more suave, calmer design that is different from most traditional streetwear collections.

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