Celebrate Siblinghood with Timex- 4 Watch Gift Ideas for Rakshabandhan

We are back to that time of the year when siblings eagerly wait to meet. From teasing us till we are up in flames, to being like a parent at a time of crisis, our siblings shape who we are as we grow up. While you gear up for the celebration this time, consider gifting them something that you have not gifted them before to make their day. One such interesting gift idea is that of a watch.

As cliché as it sounds, watches are not a usual gift among siblings and are usually gifted by the elders. But if you truly know your siblings’ taste, you might actually do a better job at gifting them a watch that suits their styles with the features they want. It is a gift that will never become obsolete or redundant due to their undeniable functionality and timeless style. Moreover, Timex is renowned for its finesse and quality in producing timepieces. Here are a few wrist watchesin India that make an ideal gift for the auspicious festival.

  • All About Youth

Gift your sister something that will add some grace and elegance to her wardrobe but is still hip enough for present times. This watch from the Helix collection of Timex personifies the new generation, with its inimitable charm combined with an alluring sense of style. It is affordable, trendy, and manages to leave an impression.


If the camo case and stylish olive-green strap are not enough for your brother, features such as shock-resistance, water-resistance up to 100 meters and a hydration alert might just be good enough. This timepiece is perfect for the adventurous soul who lives life on the edge but in style.

  • Utility

This gorgeous ranger solar black leather watch from the Expedition collection features a solar battery that can be charged in any light. It can add so much personality to any kind of outfit and is amazingly versatile. What about this one for a gift?

  • Simplicity is the Key

Minimalists would love this amazing piece from the Helix collection, due to its sheer simplicity and pleasant looks. If your sister likes to keep it simple and straightforward, gifting this might just go on to show how well you know her. Despite the simplicity, it cannot be called plain as it can enhance any outfit and is exquisite.

A watch is an investment, and gifting it makes sense because it is used every day, lasts long and reminds the wearer of the person who gifted them the watch. To buywatches India online, you can log on to Timex to browse the amazing collections.

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