How to design your own Pandora bracelet?

Nowadays, Pandora jewelries are available in latest designs and styles like bracelets, necklace, rings etc. Pandora bracelets give women a perfect combination of personalization and style. Just like Pandora charms, Pandora bracelets also vary which very much depends on the type of material used and its design. So,if you want you can buy items from Pandora charms clearance at an affordable price and there are varieties of options available that will suit your style.

If you want to design your own Pandora bracelet you can follow these steps:

  • Choose your bracelet:You have to choose your bracelet that can be of any design or style.
  1. Type: You have dozens of options to choose the bracelet type like gold, sterling silver and some other materials are leather. Select the type that represents your unique sense of style. You can even choose them from chains and color code style too.
  2. Size: You can determine the size by measuring your largest part of the wrist using a soft tape and you will have to add one inch more in the measurement. This additional length you will need for charms.
  • Choose your charms: There are varieties of options available. So, you can choose the charm that suitsyour style and represents your life. Some of the most popular charms available are:
  1. Birthstone
  2. Love
  3. Disney
  4. Animal and pets
  • Clips: You can cover the threaded areas of your bracelets with a pair of stylish clips. It will prevent it from stretching and will make it look more stylish. You can also add one clip at the end that will protect the charm from twisting when you will take it off.
  • Safety chain: It can be additional due to following reasons:
  • In case if your bracelet opens unexpectedly.
  • It holds both the ends of the bracelet to bring it close so that you can easily take it off or on.

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