Illicapa – The Alpaca Wool Scarf

Illicapa brings you a multipurpose scarf that not only offers unmatched warmth but is fine example of true Ican culture. It is crafted out from the wool of Alpaca. The Alpaca wool has long been considered more precious than gold or silver to the people of Andes. The use of wool is to protect skin from the elements can be traced down to generations.

The goal of Illicapa is to provide those who live in the Northern Hemisphere the opportunity to experience the beauty of Alpaca while knowing their product has been responsibly sourced and crafted.Crafted with tradition at the root of every scarf the quality of our products is something to envy. Each scarf is made to last through years of use while wrapping its wearers in the tender love that embodies the Andean culture.

Benefit of Illicap products include

  • 100% premium Alcapa wool
  • 3x lighter than sheep wool
  • Durable
  • Insulating
  • Softer than cashmere
  • Water resistant
  • Dirt resistant

Alpaca wool comes in 3 colors. You can choose between black, grey with a line of blue, as well as white reversible with high grey on the other side. This unique accessory will give warmth to your heart and body which makes it perfect for cold winter days.

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