Latest In Women’s Swim Shorts

Swimsuit short bottom are originally known as surf tunks, later got famous as Jams were worn by men initially but recently it has been added to women’s swimwear too. They are basically shorts which are loose fitted, the cloth used in the making of these shorts is polyester or nylon which is good in quick drying.

Few which are latest in trending are

  1. Kata Short
  2. Title Nine’s paddleboard Shorts
  3. Roxy Diamond 5” Women’s Board Short

Kata Short

Kata Shorts are just perfect for your first deepwater dive. As the material used to make them is nylon/lycra which means these short will not only last forever but will also snap back like a pro.

These Swimsuit Short bottoms have taken over the regular swimsuits as they don’t need extra space while traveling plus covers you little more on the water.

Paddleboard Shorts

Have a feeling that bikini bottoms are too short for you while board shorts are just too much. Paddle Board Shorts are the right kind fit, not too short or a bit long. These swimwear short bottoms are made of SurFlex fabric which means that its fabric will never stretch out like others. Adding a pair of these shorts can be the best decision you have made in a while.

Roxy Diamond 5” Women’s Board Short

To get the right length in a comfortable functional pair of shorts of women. It’s a real task for designers as a small difference in length can have a big impact on sales.

Roxy guys nailed it and made swimsuit short bottoms for women which are of the perfect length and have all the stretch one needs, without coverage. These are in trend as they are of just the “perfect length” for everyone.

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