Registering Wedding Gifts On Apps and Sharing Platforms

A wedding gift registry is something in which a bride and groom make a list of gifts they wish for from their family and friends. Some stores provide offer these services. A couple can provide their list to the store and share the details of the store with their family and friends. The store, in turn, welcomes the guests and helps them in choosing the gifts from the wish list. 

But many couples feel shy to give out their wish list to their family and friends. You can do this through sharing platforms and websites where you can upload your list. There are many gifts registry apps that make it simple for you to the registry. 

Let Us Get Started

If you are getting a wedding gift registry done for your wedding, then you need to download a gift registry app. These apps are available on play stores for both Android and Apple phones and devices. 

You start by registering your profile in the app. Invite your family and friends to your profile. The invitees can view the profile either on the app or the website. You can personalize your page with a wedding invite picture and any personalized message you want to add.

Add Your Gift Items

You can now create a list of items that you wish for. You can add the items to this list. The advantage of doing this is that you can tag these items with their price and also provide the links to the stores where these are available. This makes it easy for the guests to choose the gift that fits their budget. 

Reserving The Gifts

A guest can reserve the gifts by simply ticking the item in the list provided. The app will update this list, and others can view the reserved gift items. This prevents the guests from buying the same gifts or gifts that are not wanted by the couple. The guests can also opt for giving funds for the couple’s honey. 

Send Heartfelt Messages To The Couple

The guest can also add heartfelt messages for the couple, along with reserving the gifts. The guests also have the option of choosing not to disclose their gifts to the couple by clicking on the surprise button. The couple will only get to know about the gift on their D-day. 

Not So Complicated App

These registry apps are very simple and user-friendly. The app does not take too much space. It also has a secured payment portal. You can get notified whenever an action is taken in the app, such as when an item is reserved, or a cash registry is made.  

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