Are you a proud Bihari? Then look no further.

Bihar has a rich history that dates back to the Vedic period of 1000 BC to 600 BC. It is the land of the emergence of two major religions of the world: Buddhism and Jainism.

It is the land of Sita and home to King Janak — the ruler of Mithila and father-in-law of Lord Rama. The rich history of Bihar, however, has been overshadowed by the vast influence of various invaders who ruled the state and India from time to time.

It is time to relearn, cherish and celebrate the rich culture and history of Bihar. From the humble LittiChokha to the auspicious Chatth Puja, from the simple yet elegant Tussar silk saree, there is so much to Bihar and Biharis than what the world knows. Now, your very own Bihar shop online — Nativeclap —  brings everything you love and crave about this wonderful state right to your doorstep.

We Biharis believe in Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning, our guest is like a god. We love to celebrate life and enjoy every moment of it. We don’t miss a chance to don our traditional outfitsduring Chatth Puja. We celebrate Diwali and Eid with equal fervour. Urdu is the second most spoken language among our people, and we believe in living in peace and harmony. If you miss the charm of the land, Bihari product online shopping is now exclusively available at Nativeclap.

Bihar and Bihari culture and traditions have played an important role in our overall growth and development. Although we are now settled in other parts of India, flourishing in our career and personal endeavours, we have not left our homes behind completely. It is time to be proud of our rich Bihari culture and heritage. No doubt you are, but it’s time to highlight the pride of Bihar to the world. We are doing so by exclusively promoting Bihari product online shopping.

There are so many rich traditions, fashions and cuisines of Bihari people that not many people outside of Bihar know. Here is your chance to get to know the identity of Bihar and feel at home, irrespective of how far away from it you are. Take a look at our Bihar-specific catalogue at Nativeclap.

At Nativeclap — the Bihari ecommerce store (or iCommerce store, as we would like to call it) we are proud of the Bihari heritage and legacy. We proudly present the best of Bihar’s culture, cuisine, traditions and clothing to all the proud Biharis around the country.

We know you are proud of your Bihari heritage and traditions. Now is the time to showcase it to the world in style with top-quality authentic products and merchandise available exclusively at our Bihar shop online.

We provide authentic Bihari fashion, foods and sweets as is available in the best Bihari stores. Select from the world-famous silk sarees of Bihar. Find the best handicraftitems, paintings and artefactswhich have the deep-rooted Bihari heritage and are created by top artisans, weavers and handicraft experts of the land. All your needs are now available in one place.

Nativeclap is among the best Bihari stores online and your one-stop solution to everything a Bihari is all about. If you reside outside of Bihar, in different parts of India, and miss your place or birth dearly, we are the bridge that keeps you connected with your birthplace. As the first Bihari ecommerce store, we aim to reach out to people and spread our rich culture, traditions, fashion and cuisines.

We, Nativeclap, are India’s first identity commerce (iCommerce) store with a wide range of authentic Bihari memorabilia for your consumption. Be it homemade Thekua or the world-famous Bhagalpuri saree, you will find everything that matters at our Bihari ecommerce store.

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