How to choose best faux fur coats for women

All women dream of buying fur coats, however, the only exception is the lucky women who already have this luxury item in their wardrobe. If you are ready to buy an elite product, do not rush to go shopping, because without the necessary experience, it is not always possible to distinguish quality thing from a cheap fake. Experts give useful advice on how to choose a faux fur coats for every fashionable woman.

For many years, fur coats are still the most popular leather clothing. It is with the characteristics and rules of clothing choice of these materials and should be read first.

How to choose a fur coat: expert recommendations.

Tips on how to choose a fur coat, now fashionistas are more interested. And it is not surprising, since the fur coats during the whole period of their existence were considered the standard of elegance and always indicated a solid position in the society of those who could wear those clothes.

On the recommendation of experts to buy clothes from European manufacturers. According to them, the national skin-leather manufacturers are not so responsible for the fur coats production process, as they often use low quality raw materials. From this it follows that it is better to buy a coat of foreign production, but such clothing will have a decent price.

Another tip on how to choose a fur coat is to buy elite outerwear in specialty fur stores or boutiques. The purchase of fur in the markets or in mega centers is abandoned categorically, especially during the seasonal sales period. So you risk spending money on a cheap fake.

  • Once you have decided where to buy a fur coat, pay attention to the skin itself.
  • Experts indicate that high quality fur skin should be perfectly smooth, silky and shiny.
  • Fur is quite expensive, so it is often forged. Instead of fur can be offered the marmot, but it is not as thick and shiny as a fur. You should also examine the inner layer; the thermal properties of outer clothing depend on its thickness.
  • When buying an unpainted fur coat, it is important to focus on its colour. In their advice on how to choose a fur coat, experts say that the colour too dark or almost black of the skins indicates that the fur was old, so this product will not have good performance properties.
  • The high quality skin should be shiny and smooth, with a remarkable shine.

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