How to Design Patch for the Fire Department?

It is universally accepted that the logo plays a very important role in creating a brand value of company, institution or department. In case of your fire department, the Fire Department Patch Design helps you in building the trust and improve acceptance among the people. Your patch needs to be outstanding and that could be achieved via world-class design.

This article will help you learn the basics of patch designing and help you plan better. Here are some of the important points for designing a patch:

  • Why you need a patch

Finding an answer to this question will help you in listing the required elements to be captured in designing the path. It is a kind of brainstorming session to define the need and limits.

 Defining Departments’ Identity

You have to list several factors like history, geography, achievements, etc and link it with the behavioral shift in people’s behavior. You can finalize the 4-5 traits of your department’s identity and design patch accordingly.

  • Get Inspired

It is good to be in touch with greatness. As a person in charge of patch designing, you have to find the best patches and get some inspiration.

  • Design style

The technological advancement has made it to possible adopt several features like a shadow, flow, etc. which were not available earlier. It would be advisable to choose contemporary sleek fonts and lighter symbols for better acceptance.

  • Color & Contrast

As the patch is all about visibility and perception building, the perfect match of color is a must. You have to finalize color according to the identity and messaging requirement of the department. You have to keep the background color in mind and select font color accordingly for better visibility.

  • Designer Selection

Patch design is little different from other designing works. The designer must have the understanding of size, shape and positioning limits. You have to communicate your patch design brief in simple words and share your inputs.

As creativity has no limits, one has to understand the limits of patch designing and plan accordingly. To avoid waste of time and energy in re-works it is better to list your requirements and discuss them with your seniors.

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