How to Maintain Healthy Hair?

The fairy-tail princess Rapunzel had long, beautiful and shiny hair. It is hard to imagine how a girl looked after strands the length of which reached 21 meters. After all, for the hair to be beautiful and healthy certain rules must be followed. In this article, you can find the best tips on how to use professional hair care products so that you can protect and preserve hair beauty.

Choose the right treatment according to your hair type

Before taking actions, make sure that you know your hair well. The types of hair of each of us are almost unique. From obedient and smooth to rebellious curly, from dry and lifeless hair to oily scalp despite there are four main types of hair: normal, dry, oily and combination. Besides, there are hair types such as thick and thin, healthy and damaged, dyed and natural. Long hair can also be distinguished into a separate type since they require special care.

Strands of any type can be kept in amazing condition with the help of proper cleansing and conditioning, as well as the diligent use of masks and oils. For all of the rituals you need to choose appropriate professional hair care products , which will nourish and strengthen your hair.

Wash your hair properly

How many of us think about this? But this seemingly everyday activity has its own nuances and rules.

  1. Always comb your hair before washing, so you save time and nerves.
  2. Water should be warm. Do not wash your hair with too hot water – this enhances the sebaceous glands. But at the end, you can rinse your hair with cool water (about room temperature) to help the scales on the cuticles close, protecting the hair and giving it shine.
  3. Double application of shampoo is required! The first time we wash following rules of hygiene – to cleanse our skin and hair from various impurities (dust, styling, etc.). The second application allows you to saturate the scalp with useful ingredients contained in products you use and more thoroughly clean the scalp.
  4. During the washing process, it is important to massage the scalp. This way we stimulate blood circulation (improve nutrition and strengthen the follicles)
  5. Apply the air conditioner to the “tail” or tip area.
  6. After washing, do not rub your hair with a towel. Wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair and is easily damaged! Better get your hair wet or gently wrap it in a dry towel.
  7. We apply leave-in-care or thermal protection to wet hair and proceed to styling.

Start treating your scalp

The clean, breathable scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth. However, the usual shampoo is not always able to completely cleanse the skin of dead cells, the remains of styling mousses, varnishes, gels and other cosmetics. Over time, the accumulated dirt clogs the hair follicles, which in the end can lead to brittle hair, dandruff and even cause hair loss.

Scrubbing is the procedure that will help cleanse the skin of old cells, adjust the sebaceous glands and accelerate hair growth. After the scrub, the skin really breathes.

Why head scrub is important in the fight for healthy hair?

  1. Carefully cleanses the skin of sebaceous plugs and dirt, provides oxygen with access to cells
  2. Activates blood circulation and helps micronutrients better reach the hair follicles.
  3. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, which solves the problem of excessive oily or dry skin
  4. Effective for dandruff and hair loss
  5. Eliminates dryness of the skin, prevents its premature ageing
  6. Increases the effect of other skincare cosmetics that are applied to the head after washing
  7. After this procedure, the hair stays clean longer.

Head scrub is also beneficial as you can choose it from the range of professional hair products available on the market or do it by yourself from natural ingredients.

Except for all measures mentioned above it is vitally important to pay attention to what you eat and what lifestyle you follow. Don’t forget to respect gifts of nature and eat vitamins in fruits and vegetables, as well as use organic hair care products . As a result, your hair will definitely be grateful to you!

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