How To Wear Your Ruby Set In Sterling Metal Today?

Everybody knows about ruby. In fact, there are very few people in this world who don’t. Most people love to flaunt it in gold. Moreover, it vibrates in its highest frequency, once you wear the ruby in gold ring. Now, you can get the best luxury rings, at Now, you can get the best high-quality pigeon blood rubies or the unheated ones. However, times have changed and today, many are flaunting the piece in sterling silver as well.

The Unheated Afghanistan Yaqoot Ring

Available at $764.41 it is an enigma. This is a beautiful piece. Moreover, the ring is all of 4.25 ct along with the metal. You can get the ring size customized, prior to order. Furthermore, you don’t pay any extra charges for shipping. And, there is the facility of free returns as well. The makers have sourced the Afghanistan rubies from Jagdalak Mines. Moreover, this oval ruby is handmade. That makes it exquisite. You may also seek an authentication certificate, at extra charges. This sounds too good to be true. This stone is for life, if you know how to maintain it.

The Natural Afghanistan Ruby Ring – Unisex

This beautiful ring is priced at $377.1. This is a blend of a very high quality pigeon-blood ruby. The ring weighs 1.10 ct. The makers have set it in 925 Sterling Silver. This untreated raw ruby has the ability to blow your senses away. The moment you see it you will surely fall in love. Moreover, the makers have polished it by hand. Owning a handcrafted piece is such a lovely feeling.

You can trust rings-wear for the best gemstones, both treated and untreated. They are around for quite some time now. You will find, that the prices have been kept reasonable. The brand is working towards the creation of exquisite sterling silver. Moreover, they are all original. The makers are quite popular in the jewelry industry. All the creations have a fine appeal. Furthermore, you get 10% discount on your first purchase. That is an added advantage. You can also follow them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can rely on the site for originality. You also get the best customer service, where you can pre-order and also give customization requests.

So, without further delay, you should login to the online store and order your ruby ring right away.

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