Know the 4 Ways to Keep Your Suede Sneakers Looking Brand New

Suede is a popular material for sneakers such as the Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze. It has a luxurious feel and premium look, which makes suede sneakers one of the most popular types of sneakers. However, suede is quite prone to getting dirty, and it can be pretty hard to clean it. 

Over time suede sneakers can become dull and dirty if they are not appropriately maintained. Therefore, you must know the following tips for keeping your suede sneakers looking brand new. 

1. Use a suede brush to clean
Suede has a fuzzy texture that needs to be appropriately brushed to make it look good. Suede brushes are made for that purpose. So, always use a suede brush to clean and maintain your suede sneakers. 

When you need to get some dirt and grime out of your suede sneakers, such as the Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze, brush the suede parts with the grain using a suede brush. It will remove most of the dirt and make your sneaker look brand new. 

2. White vinegar for tough stains
If you have any tough stains from drinks, food, or other materials, try using a 50-50 vinegar-water solution. Use an old towel to rub the vinegar solution in the stained area. Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes, then rub it off with the towel again. 

If your shoes are quite dirty, you can also use this vinegar solution to clean them off. Use some paper towels to rub the shoe well, then wipe off any excess with dry paper towels to clean it up. 

3. Suede rubber for easier stains
If you have some dirt on the sneakers that will not come off with a suede brush, you should try using a suede rubber. Alternatively, you can also use a pencil eraser if you don’t have a suede rubber. 

Rub the stained area with the rubber repeatedly until the stain comes off. Use a suede brush to fix the texture afterward.

4. Do not expose the shoes to moisture or sunlight
Suede is sensitive material, so it can easily get stained from water or fade due to sunlight. Try to store your suede sneakers inside a cool and dry place to ensure their longevity. 

Also, try not to get them wet too often, as it can deteriorate the quality of the suede over time. 

The bottom line 

Suede sneakers get dirty much faster than leather or canvas shoes. So they also need to be cleaned a lot more. To ensure that your suede sneakers do not fade or become creased, you should always store them carefully. 

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