Men’s Fashion: 4 Obscure But Critical Accessories

Do you consider yourself a stylish and sophisticated man? If so, know this: you reveal a lot in the clothes you wear. The truly stylish and sophisticated make a point of never leaving home without being well-dressed. Not even a quick, middle-of-the-night run for baby formula is an excuse to dress like a slob.

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are a lot of things we don’t talk about. Rather, there are unwritten rules men are expected to know. The rules are easily observed in the following four fashion accessories. Each one is obscure but nonetheless critical.

1. Shoe Covers

The most stylish and sophisticated among us rarely wear footwear like sneakers and flip-flops. Such footwear just won’t do. Dress shoes are the default for most occasions. That being the case, a good pair of shoe covers is a critical accessory that should never be ignored.

According to Salt Lake City’s GC Tech, there is little point in purchasing shoe covers if they aren’t waterproof. The whole idea is to protect dress shoes against rain, snow, ice, and salt. A pair of men’s shoe covers must be weather resistant at the very least.

Some shoe covers are made of rubber or silicone. Others are made with a weather-resistant fabric. To the modern man, fabric is the way to go. It is flexible, breathable, and comfortable.

2. Tie Pins

Over the years, the classic tie pin and has been left on the scrapheap of men’s fashion alongside the formal necktie itself. So many men still required to wear neckties opt for clip-ons that don’t require any knowledge of how to tie a tie. Those same men eschewed the tie pin years ago. If you are truly stylish and sophisticated, a tie pin is still part of your wardrobe. It complements your necktie in a fashion sense but also holds them in place for practical purposes.

3. Cufflinks

Hand-in-hand with tie pins are cufflinks. These small pieces of jewelry take the place of buttons on the cuffs of dress shirts. Cufflinks have largely faded away due to manufacturers preferring buttons to close the cuffs. But button-cuffed shirts are a dime a dozen these days. Shirts requiring cufflinks are a lot less common.

The thing about cufflinks is their ability to show off a man’s individual style. They are made from all sorts of materials ranging from gold to wood. They can be minimalist and simple, or just as ornate as any woman’s brooch or bracelet. It really just depends on what you are after.

A truly stylish man has at least one set of cufflinks and a shirt to wear them with. If you are lacking either one, it’s time to get with your tailor and change things.

4. Dress Hats

Hats themselves are not obscure fashion accessories. Men wear baseball caps and beanies all the time. But if you are truly stylish and sophisticated, such hats are not part of your haberdashery. You have a collection of dress hats designed to perfectly complement your dress coat and the suit underneath.

The fedora is one of the most basic dress hats for men. Unfortunately, cheap versions of the classic fedora have made it an everyday hat for men who think nothing of pairing it with a pair of shorts and a tank top. High quality classically made fedoras are still expensive enough to make them off-limits for such fashion tragedies.

Men’s fashion is defined by a selection of unwritten rules governing how accessories are utilized. If you are stylish and sophisticated, you know what those rules are.

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