Six worse ingredients you can find in creams

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body that determines how we look and largely affects our confidence as well. But a single wrong decision can ruin the skin forever. If you know about the way FDA regulates food ingredients, it is not done in case of cosmetics. As a result of that, companies get away with putting some harmful ingredient in creams and other beauty products as well. There are quite a few harmful ingredients that you should be aware of, but we are here discussing some of the worse ingredients you will find in cream and why should you avoid them as well.


Fragrances are some unnecessary addition for a skincare cream. There is no relation to the pleasant smell with good skin. If you can switch to fragrance-free cream, then you may see a lot of difference to your skin.

Why should you avoid it?

Fragrances are unnecessary as said earlier is the not only reason you should avoid it. More than that, most fragrances are the formula of a particular company, and they keep it as a secret formula. Nobody knows what is in the Secret formula, and their secret formula can cause you allergy or breakout. It also causes dermatitis or respiratory disease for the harmful ingredients in cream’s secret formula.

Sunscreen chemicals

There are chemical stuffed into sunscreen bottles. Benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate are the sunscreen ingredient that you should avoid must.

Why should you avoid it?

Sunscreen is for protection from cancer and sun damage in our skin. But the ironical part is that it contains some ingredients that are very harmful to us. Those ingredients can cause cancer instead of protecting you from it. The body can absorb the chemicals in it and cause illness.

Propylene glycol

It is a kind of alcohol that is used in creams for being absorbed by the skin and irritates it. But this is very irritating to the skin and can be doing damage to it.

Why should you avoid it?

This ingredient has been associated with dermatitis as well. Using this to your skin cause irritation and irritation leads to a severe breakout. Moisturizers, sunscreen, conditioner, and even hair spray contains this harmful ingredient. So trying to reach for natural products that are avoiding these types of ingredients is better.


The anti-bacterial ingredient could be harmful who knew it! Triclosan is used in toothpaste, hand wash, and deodorant to keep the germs away from you. But it does nothing but convinces you to buy the unnecessary germ-killing products.

Why should you avoid it?

Triclosan is anti-bacterial, and that is the reason for making bacteria anti-biotic resistant. For the people who suffer from thyroid and any problem with their reproductive system should avoid it strictly. And the funny part is that there is no evidence that triclosan cleans bacteria better than regular soap. So why using it instead of the daily soap and water.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)

There is maybe no regular shampoo or soap product that does not have SLS in it. Ninety percent of body wash, shampoo, or facewash contains it. It is used for foaming cosmetics.

Why should you avoid it?

It is a frequently used ingredient which irritates the skin and eye, and you should avoid it. Also, it can mix with other ingredient and create something else and harm the kidney.


We all are pretty familiar with this monster which has taken over the mother earth. It is now all over in our face wash, scrubs, and toothpaste.

Why should you avoid it?

It should not be used in skin care as it can contaminate the skin and make it worse. Also, tiny plastics are polluting the sea, and sea creatures are eating the small plastic beads. These eventually come back to us.

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