Styling Women’s Berets

Women’s berets are coming back in style after being featured in different fashion shows. Wearing a beret isn’t always an easy task. There are many ways to wear a beret that can be overlooked and the hat can really make a wardrobe.

The Proper Way to Position a Beret

The first step to styling a beret is understanding how to position it on your head. In order to do this, place the hat on your head with the rim about a half-inch off your ears and three-quarters of the way up your forehead. Tuck in the brim and push the brim up and under. Pull one side of the beret down over your ear so that it is properly tilted. Then adjust the beret until you find an appropriate look and balance. Adjusting is an art form. There is no correct way to wear one so you can do whatever you feel is best. If you pull the beret farther over the ear then it will create a more dramatic look. You also may want to secure the beret to your hair using a bobby pin. Berets are notorious for sliding around, especially if they are a little loose. You don’t want to have constant adjustments that will mess with your vibe.

The Right Styles to Wear with Women’s Berets

A beret may not complement all styles but it does add an interesting dynamic to many different types of outfits.

Casual Outfits: Wear a beret with jeans and a cool leather jacket in order to get an artistic and stylish look. A knit beret is not only comfortable but also looks great with any casual attire. A cotton one can be used for everyday wear.

Designer Outfits: A blouse or a fancy dress can be elevated with a matching color beret. Berets can also be worn with high fashion suit coats to lead to a fashionable look.

How to Style Your Hair with a Beret

Long hair can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to wearing a beret. You don’t want to put your hair in a bun when you are wearing a beret. The beret won’t fit over it and it usually doesn’t stay in place when placed above the bun. Let your hang hair straight on the sides. Wearing a beret with curly hair can be amazing when done correctly. Put the beret on your head in the normal way but style your hair so it flows out past the shoulders and around the sides of the face. Large curls can interfere with the positioning and impact the staying power. If you must wear your hair up then avoid high ponytails or braids that can warp the shape of the beret.

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