Tattoo Healing Stages – The Second Stage

A tattoo takes a lot of time to heal especially if it is big in size. Even if the tattoo seems to be all healed up, the skin layers below can take more time than expected to heal. There are mainly 3 major stages of tattoo healing. Each of these stages have their own set of unique characteristics. According to them you have to take care of the tattoo. In this blog we are going to discuss about the different stages of a tattoo and especially about the second stage.

Three Important Stages of Tattoo Healing

  • First Stage – this is usually the first six days after you have got a tattoo. You will see prominent oozing of plasma and redness around the tattoo. Some people even see scabs coming out of the tattoo. It’s very common and you should not be worried about it. Keep using a good tattoo ointments which will help the tattoo moisturize.
  • Second Stage – the next seven days is really crucial because you have to take proper care of the tattoo. You will the itching has become more prominent. There can also be flaking around the skin. This is going to continue till the time all the dead cells around the tattoo are removed. It’s the body’s natural thing to heal and recover the wound.
  • Third Stage – the last weeks of the month is when you will see the tattoo getting healed. Some people might even believe that the tattoo has completely healed, but it has not. The underlying layers of the skin will need some more time to heal completely. So, you must continue taking good care of the tattoo like before. But, you might be able to wash it now.

Stage 2 of Tattoo Healing Process

During the second stage of the tattoo healing process you would want to moisturize it as frequently as you can. According to the size and condition of the tattoo, the number of times you apply a tattoo ointment will vary. Make sure to use a fragrance free ointment and apply it only after washing the tattoo properly. It is essential to keep the tattoo moisturized in order to prevent it from getting too dry. It also helps to reduce the continuous itching.

You have to ensure that the tattoo is totally dry before you apply the cream. Water stuck between the scabs in your tattoo can make the whole thing a complete mess. During this stage you will see the tattoo giving off more scabs than the first stage. So, you must not peel any of the scabs that are visible. It can cause a lot of problems in the longer run. Pulling out the scabs can lead to redness, infection or even leave a mark around the tattoo. You would not want that to happen, right? Use a good quality tattoo aftercare cream and get rid of the scabs.

Also, you may feel the skin around the tattoo getting tight and this is absolutely normal. You can apply a mild lotion to prevent the itching. The second stage is the time when you are going to feel like scratching your tattoo. But, you have to avoid this sensation every time.

Final Words – the second stage of the tattoo healing process is as crucial as the first. You cannot go wrong here. Make sure to not scratch the tattoo and ensure that your tattoo is always moisturized to keep it well off at all times.

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