The amazing beauty and intricate embellishing details of pattu sarees

Handloom in India is an undying skill known to be skillful art. These are now being replaced by the power loom; however, the essence of the traditional silk sarees is most fulfilled by handloom. Handloom in India is rated at a higher price and so the silk sarees prepared by them are tagged with higher prices. Power loom on the other hand is produced at a faster and cheaper rate. The immense uniqueness and taste that handloom brings attract the masses towards it.

The importance of silk sarees in the country

Silk in India is considered to be the most loved material for making sarees owing to the class it creates and the immense beauty of the sarees. That is why many people in the country prefer wearing silk sarees owing to the variety of elegance, traditions, and diversity it encompasses. Silk sarees in the country are described to reflect the cultural patterns of the country owing to the fact that there are a variety of silk sarees available in the country. Ranging from Banarasi silk saree to Kanchipuram, every region of the country has its own diverse form of silk saree. These silk sarees lure a lot of visitors in adding one such special clothing in their wardrobe.

There are many silk sarees manufactured in the country depending on the type of silk available in the region. Pattu silk is one of the most prominent and amazing forms of silk available in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the southern belts, comprising of Chennai and Kerala. It is prominently worn by the South Indian women of the country.

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The rich and delightful sarees made from pattu silk

One of the most essential parts of any of the South Indian household trunks and cupboards, pattu sarees are one of the most lustrous and quintessential choices for every woman. Manufactured from the purest mulberry silk sarees, these sarees are known for its rich taste of gold and silver work and its designs and weaving patterns. Nowadays these sarees are available in pure gold-coated silver zari representing the true details and beauty of the pattu sarees.

These sarees have somehow been affected with the modern era waves, shifting the preference to the lighter sarees and half fine zari. It is still the most famous and amazing choices of the South Indian women and those who wish to seek the cultural element of it. The feeling and comfort you experience with the pattu sarees cannot be replicated with any amount of artificial silks or the poly silk material.

The construction method of the pattu sarees and the uniqueness

Pattu sarees are being preferred a lot these days owing to the reinvention of the comfort of wearing handloom silk. Pattu sarees are being mingled with modern fashion trends in order to make it more available in the Indian fashion industry. For people who don’t understand what pattu sarees are all about, it is a form of a silk saree which is made from Pattu, a type of south silk.  Latest pattu sarees can be bought at kanjivaram silks .

Pattu sarees are very famous in the southern region of Indian and a number of towns where finer silk is women sell these types of sarees. These sarees are popular in the southern belt of the country, as silk sarees are the traditional garment of the South Indian women. Pattu sarees form the wedding attire of the South Indian brides.

The different types of pattu sarees

Pattu sarees are very common in Chennai since it is the only type of silk available over there. Pattu silk is used to weave many types of pattu sarees amongst which Kanchipuram sarees, Samudrika and Parampara sarees are the most famous ones. Each of these sarees is finely woven along with some variations in the weaving patterns and the embroidery. That changes the nature and the type of pattu saree being sold.

Parampara silk sarees: This is woven from pattu silk and is a fusion of the traditional weaving patterns and the contemporary designs including triangles and dots. These designs are woven on the border of the saree. These sarees are perfect for people who like wearing ethics clothes but want to give a modern touch to it. They are ideal for occasions like semi-formal parties, social gatherings, and other pre-wedding functions.

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Kanchipuram pattu sarees: This is also a type of pattu saree is an ideal pick for weddings and other bridal wardrobes. They are known for their luxurious appeal and their style they create after wearing them These sarees are woven in three different parts, body, border and pallu and later to form a saree with five yarns. These sarees are designed in order to mix the rich ethnic colors along with the golden and silver zari patterns. These sarees are very high priced and so are perfect for people who can be suited to its budget. The detailing of the sarees includes bold ornate motifs and shimmery temple designs. It is a great addition to your wardrobe and will totally fit for occasions like weddings, high-end celebrations, and other formal events.

Samudrika pattu sarees: They are a type of pattu sarees, a more of an upscale version of Kanchipuram drapes. These sarees can be truly regarded as an epitome of craftsmanship as it follows a lot of intricate details and is manufactured from the ablest and experienced weavers of silk. These sarees cover the traditions of many South Indian families and make a priceless heirloom for them. These sarees are a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, although they demand a huge deal of investment. If you like placing silk sarees in your wardrobe, then this will be a great and noteworthy addition to it.

Pattu sarees are the pride and valor of South India and truly reflects their traditions and culture. It encompasses a lot of spiritual colors followed in the Southern regions of the country. These beautiful sarees have great comfort while wearing and are decorated with the most amazing borders in gold and silver.

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