The Essential Options in SPA Works

To stay longer in the “female energy” and resource, girls need to communicate with friends. For this purpose, we created the SPA program “Women’s Power”. It is made specifically for two friends who want to chat in a secluded atmosphere and enjoy personal care. A visit to happens to be essential now. This is the reason that you need the best now and that is the reason that you can have the best deal here. The finer options are there now.

The duration of the program is 90 minutes.

What procedures are included in the program?

  • Fruit and berry peeling – 30 minutes
  • Fullback massage – 40 minutes
  • Face mask – 20 minutes

Peeling gently exfoliates the skin, and the aromas of natural fruits and berries create a positive atmosphere and fill with joy. Fullback massage relieves tension from the whole body, improves blood circulation and starts metabolic processes. Due to this, excess fluid leaves the body, swelling disappears. A face mask nourishes and softens the skin, putting the final pleasant point in the program.

What will the Women’s Power SPA program give you?

Good mood and energy boost

The opportunity to chat with a friend in a secluded atmosphere and without extra ears (our masters come from Thailand and Indonesia, they do not understand Russian)

The opportunity to spend time for the benefit of yourself

Clamps and tension from the back and legs will go away, muscles will become more elastic

Improve sleep quality

A spa program for two will take you to a special atmosphere in which you will be occupied only with each other. The magic hands of masters of Thai, Balinese or Indian massage combined with soothing aromas and relaxing music will help you forget about worries and anxieties for two hours and completely relax.

A spa for two is not just an ideal way to escape from the same everyday life. As long as you get positive emotions with your loved one, your body gets invaluable benefits. Massage for two is in no way inferior to standard massage: our masters perfectly know the specifics of the perception of bioactive points in men and women, and carry out all procedures taking into account your individual characteristics. Take a break from all affairs and throw unnecessary thoughts out of your head for a couple of hours.

Do not know how to please your soul mate or how to arrange an original date? The chain of spa centers offers to spend time with benefits for body and soul. From the first to the last touch of the master, you will feel all the advantages of a real Thai massage, its positive effect on every skin cell. The spa program for the couple includes a unique set of relaxing procedures that give true bliss to both participants!

Men are much less likely than women to pamper themselves with trips to spa centers. The Twix program will allow you to spend time with your lover in an unusual setting and will be a pleasant surprise for the stronger sex.

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