The trendy styles of designer glasses brand may surprise you

One of the most important features, when you buy glasses, is designer glasses brand irrespective of the fact whether you are buying prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses.  When you wear eyeglasses, it does not mean that you need to just buy any pair of eyeglasses. Instead, lay emphasis not only on the clarity of vision and the protection provided but also on the other aspects, that is, the frame type, style, design, pattern and of course, the brand of the glasses.

Today, we are listing some of the well-known and reputed eyeglasses brands that are being demanded world wide. Considering the popularity of the brands, the price range varies from one pair to the other.  However, eyeglasses manufacturer Specscart manages to provide accessible and affordably priced eyeglasses including the designer glasses brand. Therefore, you need not head over to various stores to check out different brands when you get the best brands of eyeglasses under one roof.

Let’s take a look at the famous brands and the styles of eyeglasses from Specscart:

1)   Ted Baker Glasses

Ted Baker Glasses are the brand that is associated with trendy designs that are highly inspired by the 50s era. The styles are not just classic and bold but also carry the fun, style, and patterns of today’s fashion world.  With an eye to every detail, Ted Baker Glasses are made to win those who look for rich colours, exclusive shapes and tempting looks. Ted Baker Glasses for men are finely crafted, that gives an avant-garde look and at the same time promises comfort and light-weight of the glasses.  Whereas, Ted Baker Glasses for women are highly elegant, graceful and features extensive colours. They not only redefine the femme fatale features but also add the feminine vintage statement. 

The Ted Baker Glasses are available in styles such as rectangular, square, wayfarer, round and cat eyes that are set in full-rim frames. Besides, the material of the frame comes in high-grade Acetate and metallic ones. Moreover, the range of colour is tempting and will give you a various choice of glasses to choose from.

2)   Calvin Klien Glasses

Who does not know about the famous clothing brand Calvin Klien? They are not only the widely known brand for fashionable clothes and accessories but Calvin Klien Glasses are also highly popular among masses.  What started in 1968 and continued the legacy of its rich colour palettes, and modern taste, Calvin Klien Glasses has revolutionised the eyeglasses industry with its distinct eyeglasses frames that are a combination of sophisticated details as well as perfect finishing.  They look elegant on both Mr. Perfect and Ms Glamourous. Add a pair or two in your wardrobe and make a style statement wherever you go with these Calvin Klien Glasses.

Calvin Klien Glasses comes in several styles such as rectangular, wayfarer, round, browline, aviators, cat-eyes etc. in full and half-rim frames. Besides, they offer a huge collection of colours and patterns ranging from the blue, dual-tone, tortoise shell, silver, gold, red, purple and many more. 

3)   Hackett Glasses

Hackett Glasses majorly focuses on the creation of men’s clothing line and men’s glasses.  This London based brand aims to style men of all walks of life and age group. Their eyeglasses come with the blend of old fashion mixed with the modern look. Hackett Glasses are more of a fusion between the classic and the current fashion trend that works for all seasons. 

Hackett Glasses are mainly crafted in full-rim rectangular and round style. The material used for crafting the eyeglasses is the world-class Acetate. However, the colour choice offered is bold, classic and limited to the subdued tones of black, brown, blue, etc. 

The best part about buying eyeglasses from Specscart is that you get both the prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. While you not only get to choose the type of frames but also the type of lenses i.e. varifocals, transition, and blue light blocker. Moreover, you get to only pay for the eyeglasses lenses and get free of cost anti-glare, anti-UV, and anti-scratch protection coating on the lenses. 

Avail the current discount and reflect the new you with the designer frames  brand from Specscart.

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