What are the Different Types of Best Automatic Watches under 100?

Automatic watches are the watches which are normally preferred by the people to see the time. It helps the people to have timely updates by seeing the time and makes them have a proper schedule by watching the time. Getting the watch under $100 seems difficult, but you will like some best automatic watches, and you have a good style.

Most people love to have the best automatic watch under 100 but then think that it won’t be possible to get the best watch under $100. It is one of the wrong perceptions of the people who feel like that as it is possible to get the best watch within your budget. There are various types available for such watches, which will help you get your choiceunder your budget.

You should pay proper attention to all the watches to opt for one which you find the most relevant and accurate. You can pay attention to the features and otherfactors of the watches sothat you can make a better choice and love to have it after getting it.

  1. Seiko 5 SNZGO9J1 – This watch is considered one of the best automatic watches under 100 and is the legend in the affordable watch community. The people who love to wear different watches must opt for this one as it is cheap and have the best features. The watch’s price is $99 and has a diameter of 40mm, and it has a movement of 7S36 automatic. The major feature of the watch is that it is water resistance, i.e., 100m.
  2. Casio G-Shock DW9052-1BCGis another model of affordable watches that can be afforded by each and every individual as it is considered one of the toughest watches with 200m water resistance. The price of the watch is $40, and having a diameter of 46.4mm and movement works in quartz, which shows that the watch is best with features and the price. It has a life of 2 years with the best battery pack-up. The watch has the best feature of its battery pack up, and you can use it as much as for the two years.
  3. Orient Sentinel with Bracelet – It has a bracelet look with silver chain and is considered the best automatic watch under 100with one of the most expensive mechanical features. The watch’s price is $99 and has a diameter of 41mm and provides the movement with automatic caliber F6722. The best part of the watch is that it has a water resistance capacity of 50m and has an automatic Japanese movement. The bracelet of the watch is so stainless that it provides a feel of the luxurious watch.


The watches you mentioned above are allthebest automatic watches under 100that can be afforded by any individual. It will help you opt for the one whose features you like the most and help you get the watch of your choice. Having a watch is very important, as in today’s world, without a watch, no one can schedule their work and do well.

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