Achieving The Look You Want In Minutes Instead Of Hours

Getting Ready Time

Most women are all too anxious to gain knowledge that can help them cut down getting ready time in any way. In today’s world of rushing everything, many women feel the pressure when it comes to achieving the look they want in a short amount of time. Probably the most important thing that takes awhile is your hair, and finding new ways to style it. If you’re like a lot of women nowadays, trying to keep up with new trends and popular styles is exhausting, especially if your hair refuses to cooperate most of the time! Many of us also suffer from thin or lifeless hair, on top of everything else. And anyway, who wants to spend hours in front of the mirror every day ending up with results that inevitably disappoint us? 

Hair Dilemmas

Have you ever spent a long time blow drying, curling and spraying your hair into a new style you saw in a magazine or something, only to end up having to start over from scratch and re-wash the whole mess? Or how about trying a new color that ends up very different than it looked on the box, and turns out disastrous? Perhaps you thought you’d be really brave, and decided to cut your own hair by watching a video on YouTube, only to end up having to make an “emergency” appointment at the salon. I know I’ve done all of these things – at one time or another.

Let’s Talk Hair Extensions

First of all, there are many different types of hair extensions. For this article, however, we’re going to talk about only the ones that are going to save us time – and money! That would definitely be clip-in hair extensions, hands-down. In fact, let’s get right to the good ones. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection actually has a line of real, European Remy human hair extensions that all have a unique and secure clip-in design. Quality and efficiency in one, my kind of product! In fact, this is the kind of hair product I don’t mind spending a little more for, since they also last 3 years or better with good care. They have multiple choices and a myriad of colors, plus they are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style – my favorite part. Plus, they provide many tutorials on their website if you should need them.

More Advantages

These clip-in hair extensions also only take seconds to apply, did I mention that part yet? They do no damage to your own hair like other methods can, and are easy to maintain since they’re made from human hair. You just use the same healthy products you use on your hair. Regularly wash them gently, no scrubbing. Brush them daily to avoid impossible tangles, and avoid heat. And remember the tutorials if you need any help. They even offer a free hair consultation if you need assistance with your selection or even just want some expert advice. All in all, these can be great time savers on getting ready, and an excellent investment!

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