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The first dishes on the planet were fruits, berries and vegetables, as well as roots. They were eaten simply raw. Over time, a person began to process foods and applies salt, because he noticed that it tastes better. And the state of health improved, as more sodium began to enter the body. So the food supplement was first used. Today in the food industry they are used in huge numbers. But far from all of them are needed by man, like the same salt, for example. Let’s try to find out in general terms how food additives affect human health. Now for the supplement pill purchase also you will have the iHerb coupon.

What is a dietary supplement?

Let’s go through the terms first. A food additive refers to components that are used to achieve any technological goals: thicken, tint, preserve. Depending on the purpose, they are classified:

Amplifiers of taste – and now the soup from the bag does not look like an aqueous solution of flour and starch

Flavoring additives – give a taste in principle: salty, sour, sweet

Preservatives – extend the shelf life of products

Thickeners and opacifiers – the former are understandable, and the latter are used to give turbidity to liquids – this is how cocktails look more spectacular

Emulsifiers, gelling agents and others, changing the consistency

Dyes – without them, sausage, by the way, has a grayish color.

It seems that all of them are used exclusively for good purposes, but is it really so? To do this, just know their names and look on the Internet or another source. That’s just on some packages in the composition of the product you cannot even find salt, although it is clearly there. The fact is that food additives have their own indices, they are understandable in any language, and they save a lot of space on the packaging. But going to the network and reading several articles on the topic: how do food additives affect human health and looking at the index table, we can conclude that they are all deadly. So you need to look for the truth differently.

What’s in the spoon is medicine, then in the cup is poison

As already clear from the title, a lot depends on the quantity, if you eat a glass of salt in a day, you can also die. Therefore, many of them are quite safe in small quantities. For example, the aspartame sweetener has carcinogenic properties that can occur if the daily allowable norm is exceeded up to 40 mg / kg. To dial it, an adult weighing 60-8 kg will have to drink 4-5 liters of sweet soda. This is due to the fact that aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar. With the iherb discount code for existing customers you will have the best purchase option now. Along with the dietary ones you can take the pills also.

How to protect yourself?

Of course, ideally, it is worth excluding all these components, but in the modern world this is hardly possible. Therefore, you should simply adhere to such rules.

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