Pearl earrings and others – Timeless pieces of jewellery everyone needs

Some love to wear certain jewellery every day like elegant pearl earrings. There are certain occasions, however, when you need to add a few accessories to your look. By building up a collection of timeless pieces you will always have something in your collection to complete your look whether it is an everyday office look or something more formal that is why pearl earrings are easiest and most elegant jewellery to wear daily.

What are some of those timeless pieces that you need to have in your collection?

Figure 1 Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings: You might even have a pair of pearl earrings in your collection already, possible a pair handed down from your grandmother. If you don’t then you want to get yourself a pair. Pearls are iconic and one of the most timeless pieces you will own. Pearl earrings beauty is in their simplicity and they can be worn with your jeans and t-shirt or on your wedding day, they are that versatile. 

Diamond Earrings: Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend and a pair of diamond earrings in your collection is an affordable way to add them to your collection. Diamond earrings are also a stunning way to add some sophistication and elegance to a look, whether it is paired with your little black dress or your power suit at the office. If diamond are out of your price range, a cubic zirconia pair will do the job just as well. Diamond earrings are as beautiful as pearl earrings

A string of pearls: Another essential piece in your jewellery box. They are great if you need to quickly dress up and outfit. They are as timeless as pearl earrings and can be worn to an anniversary dinner celebration, a power meeting or a causal brunch with friends. 

A Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace: Adding a necklace with a pendant hanging from it is sometimes all a look needs. Investing in simple chain that you can hang pendants from is piece every woman should own. The necklace simply allows the pendant a place to hang and shine. You can change up the pendants to match the outfit you are wearing. 

Dainty silver bracelets: Adding a few bracelets to your arm can change up your look and add a little character to your look. The bracelets in your timeless collection need to simple. They can be either silver bracelets or gold, or both but ideally, they should be simple so that you can add them with ease to any look. You might have a few bracelets you wear every day and then one or two more ornate ones that you wear for special occasions. 

Silver Rings: Having a few rings in your collection can help you to add a little bit of character to your hands, especially if you don’t wear bracelets or a watch, you do want to add a little something to your hands. These rings can also vary from simple pieces, to bolder statement pieces that you add for those special occasions. 

A birthstone piece: These are always special pieces to have and can vary depending on your style and what jewellery you prefer to wear. You can have it added to a ring, a pair of stud earrings or as a pendant or your necklace. If you are not a fan of your birthstone, play around with the design until you find something that works for you. 

A long silver necklace: A long necklace can add a bit of life to any look. They work well with high necklines and simple outfits, like your favorite pair of jeans. The advantage of a long necklaces is that you can layer it with other pieces for a completely different look. It really is  must have piece.

A pair of hoop earrings: Hoops are not for everyone, but the fortunate thing is that you can get hoop earrings in a range of sizes. If you do not like the big bold hoops you can opt for a smaller more elegant pair. Either way hoops are a great accessory if you wearing your hair all swept up. Silver hoops are also as daily as pearl earrings

A timeless watch: This comes down to personal choice. Some women change watches with their outfits while others have one piece, they wear every day. Either way a watch is a great timeless piece to invest in. If you are looking for an everyday watch, opt for something simple that will go with most outfits. 

A statement pieces: While simple jewellery is always going to be timeless, there are days you want to make a statement and for that you need bold, chunky pieces that make a noise. You can decide on one piece or you can have a statement ring, necklace and pair of earrings. The piece is not important, what is important is that it makes a statement and gets noticed the moment you walk in the door. Avoid wearing all your statement pieces as once though. Partner them with the simple pieces in your collection to create a bold but elegant look. 

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