Ear Cuff in Trends

Wearing Ear Cuffs was not in trends until 2013-1014, but it has come in trend again since then. One could see a lot of these in the year 2013 after they were first seen during the spring-summer 2013 catwalks. The ear cuffs were seen in different sizes and shapes worn by models.

Soon after the show various models, celebrities and fashionistas could be seen wearing a lot of ear cuffs. This became a trend all of a sudden and it has only grown since then. Likes of Chloe, Dries Van Noten, Thakoon, Jean-Paul Gaultier has supported it.

Why are these popular?

Although its origin is unknown it is believed that it was first seen in the ears of greek aristocrats. They used to wear ear cuffs as a symbol of wealthy status. As the earing not only used to look impressive but did not do any damage to the ear lobe although they were made of heavy ornaments.

The Ear Cuff is a piece of jewelry used for ornamentation. There is no requirement of getting your ear pierced as they are just clips to the cartilage at the edge of the ear. Moreover, they do not pull your ear lobe down even though they have elaborated design and you don’t even need to worry about its weight. The range of this kinda jewel is so high such that it will suit your personality very well. As they are available in a variety of jewels and so many designs.

With so many popular and known faces getting spotted wearing ear cuffs, there is no question that this is a super cool and stylish accessory. It just adds an extra edge to your style and can also be worn individually or in pairs. In order to fit them in your style check how so many celebs have carried it so beautifully.

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