Helpful Tips for Using Beard Oil

Most men understand and appreciate the frustration that goes along with growing facial hair. In most cases, the issues will only affect the grower, but there is something that hurts others, too: a dry and abrasive beard.

Some beard hair is as strong as copper wire. Unfortunately, most people do not want to cuddle with copper wire. There is some good news this issue is easy to solve. With proper beard care, a man can keep their beard soft, healthy, and full. Learn more about using beard oil from Bossman here.

Clean Things up First

It is best to apply beard oil after a warm shower. The steam and heat from the shower will open the pores and make the facial hair and skin more receptive to the oil. Those who do not want to get a shower can just wet their face and beard with warm water to achieve a similar effect.

Pat the Beard Dry

Everyone should know that water and oil do not mix. After wetting the face and beard, use a soft towel to gently pat everything dry. Do not rub, as this can create skin irritation and cause the beard hair to frizz and develop split ends.

Get the Beard Oil in Hand

Now it is time to pump the selected beard oil into the user’s hand. The amount that is used is dependent on the length of a man’s facial hair. For some men, who have no growth for about two months, one pump will be enough.

Rub the Oil In

When applying oil, rub it between the hands first. Then apply the oil gently by massaging it into the beard. Be sure it reaches the skin and coats the hair from the root to the tip.

Engage in a Face Massage

The rest of the oil should be gently massaged into the face. Quality beard oil is going to include vitamin E, which is beneficial for the skin. Some people believe that oil-based products will leave a greasy residue and clog pores. However, premium beard oils will use non-comedogenic ingredients. This means they do not clog the pores. For anyone concerned about acne, be sure to check the ingredient list before using the oil, and stay away from any product that includes a comedogenic ingredient, such as coconut oil.

Use the Excess Oil

Is there still some oil left over after this? If so, rub it onto the chest hair area. What is good for beard hair is also great for chest hair and will help it become softer. Men who don’t have chest hair can rub the oil in their hands and then apply it on their scalp.

When it comes to beard oil, there is no question that it can be tricky. It is a good idea to use a little at first and then increase the amount as needed. Being informed and knowing what to consider when using beard oil are the best ways to ensure the oil provides the desired results.

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