Tips for Picking the Right Diamond Engagement Ring in Utah

The moment you will never forget, proposing to the love of your life. Making sure you have the perfect engagement ring can be more than stressful. So, how do you make sure that you do have found the ideal ring in Utah?

We have some helpful tips for you.

In diamonds, it is vital to know there are few vital C’s.

There are four very important C’s in the world of jewelry when deciding on what your perfect engagement ring is.

First is the cut. The cut is concerning the proportioning of the diamond. If cut correctly, diamonds will sit perfectly. A pavilion depth that is either too shallow or deep will allow light to escape the diamond and cause the ring to look dull.

Second is Clarity. Clarity, in a diamond, is defined by the quality of existence and visual appearance of the internal absence of inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds without blemishes and inclusions are known as flawless.

The third is the carat weight. Just like any other gemstone, diamonds are weighted in metrics of their weight. They can range from .5 of a carat to anywhere over five carats. A one-carat diamond weighs roughly what a paper clip would.

Fourth is color. In white diamonds, the presence of yellow will lower the price, but a gold setting can mask it and make it appear much more white.

Are these tips for diamonds that important when seeking out an engagement ring in Utah? It makes it that much less stressful when you understand what is important in seeking the perfect diamond.

Some additional tips to keep in mind. Settings and metal. Making sure you have the right combination is going to ensure that the overall look works well. Keep in mind what the wedding band may look like when making your decision. This way, you ensure diamonds and bands matchup. Another solution is buying the engagement ring and bands as a set. Budgets are always vital in factoring. Your budget may force you to make changes in the features of diamonds, settings, or bands. Make sure that it fits in your financial plan. In Utah, jewelers such as locally started Sierra West have financing options and rings that will fit just about any budget. Make sure you know the sizes and time frames if you are having a custom made ring. Platforms such as Pinterest help get inspiration if you are unsure where to start. Selecting an engagement, your loved one will cherish till the end of time may be one of the most important investments of your life. Ensure you are heading to a jeweler in Utah that you can trust and know the details from diamonds to settings and bands.

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