Bringing Natural Touches Into Your Wardrobe

Although we are having a bit of a 90’s moment right now in fashion, our accessories are getting more and more futuristic. It used to be just in movies that your watch could call people and order taxis, now that’s just a fraction of what most smart watches are capable of. Between your smart watch and your cell phone and your airpods, you stand to look a bit like a cyborg, so what can you do about it? I propose that you add some natural touches to your wardrobe in a couple of key areas to balance out the modern with the natural.

SUNGLASSES – There are any number of companies that have begun to sell sunglasses made entirely of wood, bamboo, or cork. What a perfect way to add some nature to your look. Because wood is kind of multi-colored naturally, you can match any pair of shades to any brown or black belt and it will work. Check out Woodies.

WATCHES – Once people started selling wooden sunglasses, watches were only a matter of time. Many wooden watches are very lightweight and have a beautifully unique grain that is literally impossible to replicate. Every single watch is completely unique and bold in its own way, which adds a lot of depth to any outfit. Check out WeWood.

STRAW HATS – This one is a timeless classic, but you may have forgotten that straw is actually a completely natural material that looks great in a fedora, sombrero, or panama hat. Any of these hats can really bring a really fancy outfit down to earth and turn it into an upscale evening wear in no time.

WOODEN PHONE CASE – There are a lot of really crappy wooden phone cases out there but I did some research for you and the best ones I’ve seen are  made by Carved. Some people overlook their phone as a fashion accessory, but it totally is and you should totally invest in something that really takes your darkish grey metal rectangle and turns it into a work of art.

CORK WALLET/PURSE – Cork is an exciting and sustainable fabric that you should invest in. It is waterproof and holds up like leather. There are many companies that are selling gorgeous cork wallets and purses, and much like wood, the grain is completely unique to your item, so no two are exactly alike. Check out Corkor.

A touch of nature in your wardrobe only deepens your vibe and makes you look much more in tune with the planet. The world offers us a variety of renewable and sustainable materials that we overlook for fancy and shiny metal smart watches… but that’s not you, you know better now.

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