CBD Tips For Beginners

If you are wondering about buying CBD and confused with all the information online, look no further.  We are here to break down CBD in an easy to understand manner.  It is important you understand all the different types and ways to take CBD so you can make an informed and effective purchase.

First thing is the price.  CBD can be very expensive if you take it on a regular basis.  A smart way to help with the cost is to buy the CBD during a holiday.  A lot of vendors give special discounts on all major American holidays.  You can save anywhere from 5 to 50 percent.  We recommend you buy 3 to 4 months worth of CBD till the next holiday.  This is a great way to reduce the cost of using CBD on a daily or monthly basis.

The second thing is deciding on what type of CBD to take.  There are 3 types of CBD on the market.  The first type is what we call Full Spectrum CBD.  Full Spectrum CBD has the most cannabinoids and terpenes.  These ingredients add to the potency of CBD.  When you combine all these elements, it creates what the market calls an entourage effect.  The elements together is more effective than each individual part.  Please bear in mind that Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC.  The THC amount must be less than 0.3% to meet federal guidelines.  The second type of CBD are Isolates.  The CBD is processed to remove most of the cannabinoids to leave you with a purity of 99%.  There are no THC in Isolates.  This is ideal if you get drug tested.  While this contains 99% CBD, it is lacking the terpenes and cannabinoids.  The third type of Broad Spectrum CBD.  This is similar to Full Spectrum but without the THC.  While this is probably the most popular, it is also the most expensive and hard to find.  The process to THC is rather costly and thus is reflected in the price.  Not all vendors go through this process so seeing this on the shelf can be rare.

Once you have decided on the type, you will need to determine how you would like to take CBD.  You can smoke CBD, take it in a dropper, apply it on your skin and more.  All of these have their pros and cons.  A good middle-ground is using a CBD tincture.  You take CBD by adding drops under your tongue.  If you are looking for the fastest relief, you will need to look at cigarettes or vaping CBD.  The reason why it is so fast is because of all the blood cells in your lungs.  The vessels can quickly absorb the CBD and pass it to your system without much potency lost.  If you have aches and pain, you are recommended to use a cream.  This can help with the area directly and give you some relief.

We hope this helps clear up some of the confusion with CBD.  To learn more visit hemp86.com.

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