How To Choose Backing Fabric For A Quilting Project

If you plan to make quilts for the cold winter season, consider using a big sized and wide quilt backing. The quilt is made of 3 layers that include the upper layer, the batting, and the third layer which is the backing. The backing is situated on the reverse side of the quilt. The best fabric you can use to make the backing is the quilting cotton. It is especially beneficial to use wide fabric to make the backing.

The backing is like a lining of the quilt on the backside. It is always bigger than the upper layer of the quilt to adjust for the problem of shrinkage. Making a big backing also helps in making enough space for any distortion in the fabric that may occur. Homemade quilts look very nice and sewing quilts is a great pastime and craft for women in free time. Using a wide fabric helps in making an appealing backing for a homemade quilt.

The online stores have a very stock of quilt backing fabrics in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs. Using a multi-colored backing fabric is a good choice. You must choose a backing with colorful and attractive patterns printed on it. Consider using floral printed or geometric pattern backing fabric for your quilting project. Designs like nature-inspired patterns and designs with circles, swirls, and waves look nice on the backing fabric. Backings in beautiful colors like blue, green, purple, pink, and red are best choices for making a quilt. Fabrics that have vines and leaves prints seem to be appealing.

A wide range of 108″ quilt backing is available for sale in the online stores. Check out the types of backings sold in the market and online stores for the next quilting project. Buy a backing fabric in a pleasing color and pattern. Read the washing directions carefully before you buy a backing. Check out the size, color, and design of the backing and then place an order for it.

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