IWC – a classic watch manufacturer in the premium segment

The International Watch Co AG from Schaffhausen IWC cultivates the high art of watchmaking at the highest level and is specialized in branded products for the luxury watch market worldwide. IWC Schaffhausen not only brings the expertise to manufacture sophisticated complications, as a watch manufacturer you are an Institution and with your experience unique in the market. Swiss watches are the epitome of precision and are exceptionally innovative, elegant and modern watch designs.The development of IWC’s mechanical masterpieces is entirely in the hands of the world’s best watchmakers, who have carried on their highly specialized craftsmanship and all their Know-how for many generations and give the family-owned Swiss company the reputation that the IWC watch collections enjoy internationally. Since 2000, the company has been part of the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont International SA and increasingly relies on robust watches for everyday use. IWC rounds off its Portfolio with high-quality sports watches and the finest complications of Haute Horlogerie. Also, there are special collections such as Grande Complication or the IWC Vintage Collection.

IWC Watches – absolute highest quality is guaranteed

IWC watches

IWC watches stand above all for reliability and robustness. IWC can guarantee the highest quality utilizing special development and Quality Management and a demanding Test series before the watches come on the market at all. For example, the Aquatimer diver’s watch spends two weeks in a saltwater bath at 37 degrees Celsius to ensure its corrosion resistance. The manufacturer’s Credo could be: less is more! Instead of mass production, IWC relies on a few quantities with absolutely the highest quality. Each IWC watch leaves the factory only in perfect condition and represents a masterpiece of technology and precision. Besides, you can expect a little more with this luxury product: over 70 employees ensure that the timepieces from all over the world are optimally maintained, maintained and repaired. To ensure that this always runs smoothly, all data of all watches produced since 1885 are collected in the manufacture’s family books. By collecting the data of all watches leaving the factory, IWC can guarantee that for each piece of caliber, Material, case – and on newer models also the reference number. were held. Each IWC watch receives an IWC Certificate After careful examination.

IWC – the brand’s innovation

In addition to the IWC watch models, which enjoy cult status and are simply unmistakable through the IWC Design, it is above all the philosophy of the brand that inspires watch lovers around the world. The luxury company primarily refrains from producing mass products. Incidentally, it is a matter of course that IWC Schaffhausen relies entirely on a resource-saving technology. As a result, IWC is developing very exclusive and exceptional collections that are only available in limited quantities. This increases their value and makes them sought-after collectors ‘ items.

IWC as a brand – your advertising polarizes

IWC has established itself as a strong but also polarizing brand. For example, she made a name for herself through image campaigns that many saw as humorous, ironic and imaginative, while others saw it as discriminatory or anti-women. One thing is certain: through the advertising campaigns, IWC was discussed a lot and the company gained a lot of attention. For commercials like ” almost as complicated as a woman. But on-time ” or ” often found on the bedside table of stewardesses.” There was even the Swiss EFFIE – one of the most prestigious awards in the advertising and communication industry. Since 1999, the International Watch Company has been promoting its luxury watches. And very successfully. The controversial advertising messages are also well received by women. At least one Portuguese model was even named women’s watch of the year.

Prominent carriers of IWC

In advertising campaigns, IWC seems to increasingly address the world of men and especially presents the men’s models. Because for the watch brand, values such as strength and robustness are more important. This is also evident in its prominent wearers, exclusively men of the sport. Especially with footballers, the masculine timepieces seem to be well received. Above all, Jogi Löw is known here as an IWC watch wearer. At the beginning of the European football championship 2012 there was a partnership with the German Football Association and IWC Schaffhausen scored with a special edition. The Swiss watch manufacturer was allowed to manufacture the official watch of the German national team several times in limited numbers. Furthermore, Ralf Möller, Jan Ullrich, Boris Becker, Tom Cruise, Christopher Lambert, Heiner Lauterbach, Heinz Hoenig, and Vitali Klitschko were spotted with IWC watches. Exclusively strong personality and role models of masculinity. IWC Pilot watches in particular stand for a sporty-masculine Image. This means especially the models of the pilot’s watches, which are relatively large and robust as well as easy to read, are well received.


The Swiss watch manufacturer IWC was founded in 1868 by an American engineer who coined the name international watch. The original goal was primarily the production of high-quality pocket watches for the American market. Founder Florentine Ariosto Jones wisely chose Switzerland as the company’s headquarters. Thanks to the centuries-old tradition of watchmaking in Switzerland, he was able to feel at home here and build a company with a future from the experience and safety of his watchmakers. The Innovation and modern Zeitgeist of the American company founder, together with the Swiss, traditional expertise, became the signature of IWC – which is now an indispensable part of the watch market. However, there was a long way to go from the foundation to the present day and the IWC changed hands several times – in 1880 they were taken under the wing of the Schaffhausen machine manufacturer Rauschenbach. The Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen inspired not only poets and thinkers to great masterpieces. The spark needed to create a genuine work of art that can compete at the highest level with the best of the best has also leaped into Swiss watchmaking. Besides, Schaffhausen offered above all a perfect factory site and a hydroelectric power station on the Rhine, as well as experience in the field of watchmaking. IWC has been owned by the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont since 2000 and, with around 650 employees, is committed to perfect Watch models for men and women. The most famous Watch models have functions such as perpetual calendar, minute repeater, power reserve, Tourbillon or moon phase.

Overview of the most important IWC models

IWC Ingenieur

The Ingenieur family is an IWC collection that brings real history. The watch design the engineer was significantly influenced by the watch designer Gerald Genta, who discovered the model in the 70s and designed a new Design. His work with the legendary Ingenieur SL, reference 1832, which was developed exclusively for IWC Schaffhausen. The most important elements of the design are technically inspired and look very sporty and robust. The Ingenieur SL has been on the market since 1976. The model is distinctive and masculine – an essential trademark of IWC in general.

IWC Portuguese

1939 the well-known Portuguese watch is developed. This collection is a series of significantly larger wristwatches with very accurate pocket watch calibers. The models are inspired by great sailors. Here two worlds meet, which together create something great. On the one hand the world of great technical power and on the other hand the world of adventurers, courageous explorers, and daring ventures. Here, too, the IWC Design is very inspired by masculine, sporty values. The Portuguese models are masterpieces in the tradition of nautical instruments and equipped with the latest technology and mechanics.

IWC da Vinci

A must for watch lovers. The IWC da Vinci watch first appeared with the quartz movement Beta21. in 1985, IWC developed the Da Vinci watch as a mechanical chronograph with a fully mechanically programmed perpetual calendar and a four-digit date display. Similar to other models, such as the Portuguese, IWC combines two worlds in its Design to create a unique symbiosis. The Da Vinci models show love for art, as well as for Natural Science and the technology of timekeeping. Just as Leonardo da Vinci has always been a respected artist, scientist and fortress builder at the same time. Da Vinci was also far ahead of his time and innovative. This certainly included a dash of madness and experimentation. Thus, since the 1960s, IWC has had a watch family that continues to bear this name and pays homage to arguably one of the greatest artists and scientists of all time.

IWC Portofino

Mediterranean joie de vivre and a desire for high quality characterize this IWC watch Family, which, in contrast to the Da Vinci or Ingenieur collection, brings more lightness and playfulness. Portofino also stands for a whole attitude to life, for the perfect scene for Stars and starlets – an attitude to life of the Sixties, which on the one hand brought a certain lightness, but also embodies Glamour and Grace. The Portofino watches from IWC are considered classically elegant and show with a rather reserved style, with a lot of Understatement what good style and taste mean.

IWC Aquatimer

The Aquatimer Automatic from 1967 represented a novelty in the field of diving watches and founded a unique success that continues to this day. With the very first Aquatimer, IWC responded to the growing popularity of diving – and introduced a model series that is very dynamic and focuses on technical aspects. The Aquatimer is primarily robust and suitable for everyday use. The Design above all distinctive and recognizable. Above all, we know the IWC GST Deep one from 1999, which became the first IWC watch with a mechanical depth gauge as a diving watch with a titanium case. In 2009, the Aquatimer Deep two was developed as a successor. The Aquatimer is hard to beat in terms of reliability and technical level –above all, the requirement to be able to read the time flawlessly at all times even in the most unfavorable light conditions applies here. Another Feature: the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 has a compressive strength of 200 bar.

IWC Pilot

IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph

From 1936 onwards, IWC produced a new wristwatch for the military use of the British Army – the IWC Pilot watches were discontinued.

since a great career. The IWC special watch for pilots is one of the most famous models ever. In addition to playful models, IWC has always focused on technical innovations, as well as on the production of pocket watches or pilot watches in the luxury segment. Here one knows above all the exciting models such as the IWC Pilot watch or the IWC Pilot Chronograph. In 1885 IWC developed the first, so-called Pallweber pocket watches with a digital display of jump digits. At the beginning of flying, most pilots were dependent on pocket watches. In addition to the breathtaking technical Features, the trademarks of IWC Pilot watches are above all a center second with a stop device and a long leather strap, so that the Watch also fits over a pilot suit. The clear and reduced Design is based on the on-board instruments of aircraft and guarantees the very best readability even in adverse conditions. Therefore, mostly bright, luminous hands on a black background were used. Since 2003, an IWC Pilot’s Watch Series is known, which is named after the legendary, English aircraft Spitfire.

IWC Watches have very high-value retention and are often also traded as popular collectibles.

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