The History of Venetian Masks

The tradition of wearing masks started way back in history of Italy. People there wore masks to hide their identity as of which class or profession they were so that the social status or gap could be removed for sometime from the minds of the crowd. This way everyone could enjoy the happy time freely. This tradition was followed during carnivals in Venice, Rome and other parts of Italy.  

Venetian Masks are bizarre and beautiful. They are made by using paper – mache with a broad decoration of feather, gems, fur and more on it. These masks enhance the happiness and pleasure of carnival to a great extent. 

Brief history

Mask wearing particularly in the city of Venice started way back in 13th century when masked men use to throw eggs on women in the carnival celebration. Venice used to be one of the richest cities back in history. People there, enjoyed the top standard of living. When they get to know the social inequality that was on raise, they came out with this idea of wearing mask to conceal their identity that people possess during the daily working. That way people could enjoy better, the masked servant was treated like servant or a noble man was not treated like a nobleman, they were all the same at that time. People could meet and greet and talk to one another without any fear. To summarize, everyone had a voice not face at that time during the carnival.

This gave rise to Commedia Dell’Arte, a theater where actors got gathered with masks on their faces. Also, Mardi Gras festival was also celebrated in the same way in North and South America. Now, such masks are worn by people throughout the world. It gave rise to various mask themed celebrations and different festivals that brought people of different classes together. Mask Wearing bridges the division between the people, men and women can speak openly to each other.

Another type of mask that is popular all over the world is Half face masquerade masks. These masks gained popularity from the masquerade that was organized in 15th century so that everyone could enjoy partying in the court. Masquerade balls were being popularized to all over the Italy till the middle of 16th century. At the end of 18th century, after the fall of Venetian republic, this ball disappeared from most part of the Italy. These masks then gained popularity in Europe during 18th century only and now they are demanded all over the world. They are used in several movies also.

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