How Your Shirt Should Fit

Drape Fit offers a wide selection of Formal & Casual Shirts and T-shirts in all shapes and sizes for both men and women. Additionally, there are Fits within sizes such as casual fit and a slim fit that can often confuse a shopper. It results in choosing a size that may not be a good fit later on.

So how can you make sure a shirt fits you properly? Continue reading to see tips on how to make sure your shirt fits you right.

Formal Shirts

A formal shirt that is too tight will make your day at the office a nightmare, and a shirt that is too loose will hang near your shoulders, arms, and sides.

The first factor you need to consider is the shoulders. The shoulder seam should fall precisely on your shoulder bone. This way, the top half your shirt is a sure fit as your shoulders will fill the sweater and not be loose. Look out for the length of the shirt and the lower torso fit. Not all of us have six-packs or flat abs. When you try on the shirt, try to rotate your body to a 180-degree turn to make sure you have room to move, and the shirt is not too tight.

Finally, we come to the shirt sleeves, which should be the length of your wrist. A shirt that is longer than your wrist area will mean once you cuff them, there will be an extra area around the sleeves that hangs. Sleeves that are too tight will restrict you from lifting your arms to reach for things far or high.

Casual Bottom-Down Shirts

The central theme of a casual button-down shirt is comfort while still looking dapper. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit like a formal shirt and a little looseness here, and it can always feel comfortable.

However, loose doesn’t mean it should fit like a gown. Similar to formal shirts, the shoulder seams should align with your shoulder bone. If it is a little more than your shoulder bone is still acceptable. The sleeves should be snug around your biceps area but not too tight as it will give off the vibe that the shirt is one size smaller.

Pay attention to the lower torso area as you do not want the shirt to be more than 3 inches shorter than your waist. As casual shirts will be untucked 90% of the time, a long shirt will look a size too big over your body.


Apart from Formals or Casual Shirts, T-shirts are the most commonly worn apparel for men and women. It is also the most challenging choice to make when it comes to finding the right fit.

It all comes down to the fashion style and functionality of the T-shirt you want to wear. If you are going in for a summer vibe, a t-shirt with cotton fabric loose on the torso may be a good fit for some. Some may want it to fit tight and hug their body. Your body structure also plays an important role.

The general rule of thumb for T-shirts is that the sleeves should be an inch longer than your biceps, and the length should fall an inch or two below your waist near the belt area. The T-shirt should not hug your torso, and there should be room for turning, stretching, and reaching out without feeling too tight.

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