Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding Decor

Falalalala….la….la! Who doesn’t love a whimsical winter wonderland? Where sugar plums fairies and Nutcrackers can dance with you. Don’t be a scrooge and come skate along with me as we fantasize about all the ways we can make your wintery wedding a perfectly snowy wonderland.

Before you even get started on getting decor for the actually wedding day.  You will start off the theme with your wedding invitation.  This will be the first thing your friends and family see and will let them know about your magical winter themed wedding. You can include these same theme into your wedding day as well with your wedding program template and wedding menu template to match the rest of the decor you have at the wedding.

Oh Tannenbaum

Let’s get it Christmasy up in here. You knew this theme was coming. You can’t decide to get married in winter and not think about having a Christmas themed wedding. Let’s say you don’t have a grinchy disposition and decide to go with this beautiful theme. How should you decorate? Don’t you fret I’ve got some ideas here in my big red sack!

Putting Christmas trees up with white lights and ornaments you have picked up from your local donation center, or your local tree lot will add some Christmas cheer to the wedding festivities. Not sure how to decorate the table centerpieces? Try holly; it is abundant and festive. You can get fake holly and paint and glitter the holly berries to add a little sparkle. Michael Jackson may have seen Mommy kissing Santa clause, but you will be sure to see your guests kissing at your wedding with all the mistletoe hanging around. One last idea you could try is to have your guests bring your wedding gifts wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and then put them under the Christmas trees it will be a fun thing your guest can do and will be sure to enjoy.

Winter Wonder-Candyland

Sugarplum fairies, gumdrops, and dewdrops all are fun to have at your wintery wonderland wedding. When I think of a winter wonderland wedding, I think of if Charlie and the chocolate factory and Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video had a baby. There would be lots of candy and brightly colored decorations around like you are playing a life-size version of candy land. How fun would it be to have your guest arrive at your wedding on a horse-drawn carriage? They would then walk into this whimsical winter wonderland where they can snack to their heart’s delight at your custom made candy bar. They can get their picture take in front of a mosaic jellybean art piece. You could life-size candy decoration littered around the venue, and batting died pink to look like cotton candy. In a winder wonderland wedding, you can let your imagination sore no idea is too big in mystical candy land.

Winter Woods

A winter wood wedding can be similar to the Christmas theme wedding but without the glitz and glam. You could still use pine trees to decorate your venue or backyard, and holly and mistletoe can be scathed throughout as well. With a winter woods theme, you can add a little more rustic into the decor if you would wish. I would still put light into the trees, but I would also hang lights and lanterns as well as white candles and twinkle lights on the tables to add a romantic atmosphere. You could have plywood benches and wine barrel tables to add a little rustic chic.

Whether you choose winter woods, winter wonderland, or a Christmas theme, your guests are sure to enjoy the effort you put into it. Just don’t forget to get those wedding invitations out, so you will have guests attend your wedding. Winter is a beautiful time to enjoy family, good food, and that heartwarming feeling that comes with that time of year, so soak it up and put it to good use.

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