The best choices for cheap wedding rings under 100

Your options for an engagement ring aren’t limited to gold or platinum when it comes to materials. From the most revered to the most cutting-edge, explore the enormous world of jewellery metals.

Focusing just on the diamond while looking for an engagement ring is like to only eating the icing of the wedding cake instead of the main meal. As tempting as a diamond may be, it’s just as important to make sure that the ring’s setting doesn’t fall out.

When it comes to engagement rings, should you go with a classic metal like gold, silver, or platinum, or should you choose for something more contemporary? Your fiancee’s aesthetic tastes will be revealed by the metals you choose, and each has its own advantages in terms of design, sturdiness, and cost. Before settling on a certain metal for the fabrication of your engagement ring, weigh your options carefully. Choosing cheap wedding rings under 100 is possible. You need the best here.


When it comes to producing jewellery out of metal, platinum was a common option until the 20th century. However, the metal was taken off the market so that it might be utilised in the event of a war. The fact that platinum is a long-lasting metal should give you a sense of how useful it is in addition to its shiny and sophisticated look. During the past several decades, platinum has reemerged as one of the most popular alternatives for engagement rings and other kinds of jewellery.


In appearance, platinum seems to be a creamy white. It is thirty times more expensive than gold because of its scarcity, and it is also forty percent heavier. Besides that, it does not corrode. For rings with intricate carvings or decorations, platinum makes them seem sharper and more precise because of its hardness.

Awesome Facts

Platinum makes up the bulk of the crown jewels of the United Kingdom. South Africa and Russia produce the vast bulk of the world’s platinum, which is often mined hundreds of metres below ground.


Platinum engagement rings with diamonds inlaid shine even brighter because to the metal’s purity, which is typically 90-95%.


Platinum may be scratched and worn down over time if used continuously. With a little polishing, your jeweller can eliminate any scratches on platinum wedding bands and engagement rings.


Traditional engagement and wedding rings are constructed of gold because it is inherently warm and golden in colour, as well as having a stunning brightness. Gold is a timeless choice for an engagement ring.


When gold is mixed with other metals, the colour might change. However, these are some of the more popular ones:

Gold White In Color

To get a warm look, pure gold was mixed with a little amount of silver and copper. Palladium and silver, or nickel, copper, and zinc, are common alloys for gold that has been purified to its purest form. Plating with rhodium may increase both the product’s appearance and its durability.

The Gold Of The Eden

Pure gold and silver make up this colour, which seems yellowish-green at first glance.

Pink And Rose Colors

These pure gold and copper options are getting more popular over time. The colour of the metal is brightened by the addition of copper. There are gold mines all over the world: in Australia, Peru, Russia, and even the United States. This is a fascinating tidbit of knowledge.

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