Tonsils are the soft tissue masses located at the back of the throat on either side. Tonsils protect our body by acting as a defense system of the immune system. It collects bacterial elements and other alien objects coming into the body which are toxic for the human body. But the collection of this debris causes the formation of tonsil stones. Tonsil stones form when the debris calcifies. It is yellowish in color and has a hard texture, and is clearly visible from the naked eyes.


•          If you have tonsil stones then you are likely to have a bad breath. The stones have Sulphur compounds in them which are responsible for the foul smell coming from your mouth.

•          Tonsil stones very often cause soreness in the throat. Having pain, swelling, and inflammation in your throat might be some regular problems that you face.

•          As tonsil stones are visible clearly, one can even check for them in the mirror. It appears as an off-white or yellowish lump-like object.

•          Large tonsil stones may create blockages in your food swallowing process. Patients with tonsil stones usually have difficulty while swallowing.

•          It might also cause ear pain. Many patients report suffering from ear pain, given that the nerve channels are common in both.

•          A stone might also result in a rough throat and occasional coughing.


The patients who have tonsil stones report having these reasons as its causes-

•          Having chronic sinus illness from before might lead to one having tonsil stones.

•          A person with poor Dental hygiene is probable to have tonsil stones.

•          Some people have large tonsils, which also causes formations of such stones.


Having tonsil stones are pretty common in today’s scenario. And there are a lot of treatments available to get rid of them.

•          Doctors might recommend some antibiotic medications to remove the stones. If your stones are small then medicines might just work perfectly. However, these also leave certain side effects on the human body.

•          Another option available is operation. If you have large tonsil stones then your healthcare providers might choose surgery to remove these stones.

•          Cryptolysis is another popular treatment option when it comes to the removal of tonsil stones. Radiofrequency or certain lasers are used to reshape the tonsils so that stones can’t grow inside them.

•          In severe cases, doctors go for a Tonsillectomy. It is surgery in which tonsils are removed so that stones can’t grow back.

Besides these conventional options, there are also some home remedies to choose from. One can prevent stones from growing by maintaining good oral hygiene. A patient can also remove tonsil stones carefully using a cotton swab. Gargling with salt water regularly is also a very useful remedy. Consumption of apple cider vinegar diluted in waterworks wonders when it comes to tonsil stone. A patient with tonsil stones is advised to stay hydrated as a try mouth provides perfect conditions for stones to grow in your mouth. 

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