Men’s Fashion Trends You Must Watch Out

Just like women’s fashion, men’s fashion keeps changing. Many men do not go with trends and tend to stick to comfort while dressing. Because, to play catch-up continually with the newest menswear collection, it can be hard on your wallet as well as wardrobe. However, few trends would maximize the wears from the investment of last year

  • Loosening Up

For a while, hugging fits had been on their way. However, the year 2019 finished them off. Today, baggy denim to oversized tailoring is marking a sartorial shift into menswear.  Knowing how to create a cohesive and clean silhouette from the head to toes is the key to nailing. You can consider wearing sportswear with a long blazer or loose trousers. 

  • Commando Soles

Commando sole is an answer of formal footwear to the chunky sneaker. The best this is that is bulky as well as bold and has a way of altering the shoe’s overall look completely. It is one of the rarest trends that is practical and stylish. The commando soles can be paired with the sturdy cold-weather pieces. A thick twill overshirt, a chore coat, and regular fit raw denim would make a great combination. 

  • Tailoring & Knitwear

Layering as well as texture are the advanced dressing’s pillars, and they are integral to one of the hottest tailoring trends of last year. Suiting worn with the knitwear was marking another step in loosening up of the dress codes. Fisherman beanies teamed up with unstructured blazers and stuffy shirts got replaced with the fine-gauge rollnecks. A knitted rollneck makes an excellent choice when a suit needs to be dressed. Moreover, the darker colour, the smarter it would look.

Along with these, weatherproof sneakers also make a wonderful choice. You can match the sneakers with outdoorsy pieces such as down jackets, hard shells, and cargos for technical styles. If you wish to be different from others, you can explore the latest men collections of top brands. 

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