Men’s Japanese Kimono Fashion Styles

Japanese Kimonos fashion culture goes as far back as Japan’s Edo era. Kimonos are Japanese culture robes that are made of fabric lined on the inside and wrapped with a sash (this is called an obi in Japan). Kimonos are paired with haori which are light jackets worn over cultural attire and hakama which are loose trousers worn beneath a kimono. 

Traditional male Kimonos can be classified into either Nagagi or Yukata. 

In ancient Japanese culture, men’s Kimonos were used to depict their rank in society. With high-ranking officials wearing Haori, nagagi, and Hakama. And lower ranks wearing a Haori and Nakama or just the nagagi. You can shop curated styles for men’s kimono fashion online

How to Style Men’s Kimonos

Kimonos can be styled and accessorized for various uses. They can be used as everyday attire, ceremonial wear, and festive attire. The way a Kimono is styled depends on why it is being worn. 

Some great ways to style a Kimono include :

Casual Wear

When styling a Kimono for everyday use, you can pair it with loose-fitting trousers or opt to go without. When styling a Kimono without a Haori, the attire is called Kinagashi. It’s a great way to style a Kimono during a hot summer or when you simply want to wear one for fun. Kimonos can also be casually styled as jackets and combined with modern clothing. They can be worn over a pair of jeans with the obi removed. They can also be worn with shorts and sandals as beachwear. Or with sneakers and jeans for an outing. 

Ceremonial and Festive Attire

For ceremonies and special festivals, Kimonos usually have family crests and symbols. These Kimonos are donned as full official regalia. They are usually made of high-quality silk. In this case, the Kimonos are paired with a haori, Hakama, and wooden sandals; they can even be worn with other ceremonial accessories like hats.


Cosplay artists can wear Kimonos to represent Samurais from Japanese history or even characters from their favorite anime. These Kimonos are styled according to the character they are basing the dress on. They can get jackets that are colored to resemble popular anime characters like Tanjiro from the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Demon Slayer), Samurai X, Samurai Champloo, and even the recent Netflix release Yasuke. 

Corporate Clothing

If you’re going for a more corporate-casual outfit, black Kimonos can be used as jackets on white shirts and black suit pants. You can also opt for other dark-colored Kimonos to pair with your suit instead of a jacket. 

Street Fashion

Japanese streetwear fashion has adopted the use of both local and international clothing. 

In Men’s streetwear fashion, models can be found pairing Black Kimono with Combat boots in punk style. You can also find brightly colored Kimonos on men in styles like Fairy Kei. The use of Kimonos can be found widely applied across various streetwear fashions. They can also be found across various oriental runways. Kimonos are usually made from quality silk material. So when purchasing them, you can check to make sure you get your money’s worth. The best way to ensure that your kimono is made from quality silk is to check how the material feels. Silk is very smooth and soft to touch. 

Another way is to determine how washable the silk material is. Silk material is very difficult to hand wash as it ages. Another way to check is by passing the silk through a ring or any circular jewelry. Traditional and modern kimono men’s fashion gives a combination of both culture and comfort for the men wearing the kimonos. Also, these kimonos come in a variety of colors and styles that add a touch of personality to the attire.{“mode”:”full”,”isActive”:false}

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