How to choose these 3 classic Gucci bags

What kind of bag to buy? The most important thing is to consider your style, needs, and budget. Only the pack that suits you is the best. Gucci has released a lot of series recently, with a lot of good items. The authentic Gucci bag does have high-quality quality and better service, but the price is higher. If you don’t have that much budget, you can also buy a fake gucci bag. The quality of counterfeit bags is not much worse than genuine bags, but the price is one-tenth of authentic purses. There are three classics and popular fake gucci bags recommended to everyone.

  1. Gucci Jackie 1961

The Jackie series has a long history, and there is little risk of obsolescence. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was GUCCI’s fashionable and explosive style.

In 1961, GUCCI had this half-moon-shaped bag with a classic horsebit buckle design. Jacqueline Kennedy liked the elegant, versatile, and classic shape of this handbag. She often used her when attending events. Her style is called “Jackie Look.”

The overall design of the Jackie bag is inspired by equestrianism and horse gear. The buckle is also a horse bit design. The earliest style is printed fabric and leather stitching. Later, classic canvas and red and green stitching webbing are added. If you are a girl who prefers retro style and loves fashion, you can try Jackie 1961. People who like Jackie love this retro armpit bag the most.

  1. Gucci horsebit 1955

The Gucci Horsebit design can be traced back to the 1950s, a significant era for Gucci. Rodolfo Gucci opened the first Gucci store in Milan in 1951. The red and green color scheme became synonymous with the brand. Gucci landed in New York, USA, and the horsebit was born in the same year. The horsebit buckle is a detail derived from equestrianism. It combined the two elements of a double loop and a crossbar and was placed on the handbag design in 1955.

If you need a convenient bag that is more square and square, you can choose Horsebit 1955. This bag is the most durable retro flap bag with a good capacity, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted freely. It’s an easy-to-use, and very versatile, and considerate bag.

3.Gucci GG Marmont


The name “GG Marmont” was inspired by a Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles, USA. The decoration design of this hotel is full of the retro style that some celebrities in Los Angeles like in the last century, and don’t even re-decorate the fresh kind. I hope to keep that memory in the golden age in this way. Since the launch of GG Marmont handbags, it has an intriguing fashion tone, with avant-garde and retro attitudes showing a simple and generous temperament. This bag is highly recognizable. The classic metal chain bag has a good back. It can meet many different occasions. It can be worn with trousers or skirts.

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