Popular Uses Of Lanyards

Lanyard is a strap or cord that is worn around the wrist, shoulder, or neck to carry the items like identity cards or keys. It is one of the popular and effective tools used by organisations for enhancing their brand visibility. Along with the organisations, lanyards are used by several other individuals such as

  • School Students

To avoid confusion during field trips, it is essential to have an identification tool. Wearing the lanyard ID helps a lot. Along with the trips, it helps when students attend seminars, participate in marching band, science fairs, or any function.

  • Corporate Employees

Corporates have hierarchies of positions. Therefore, in structured places, the candidates need to carry lanyard having an ID card. This helps in recognising the individuals with the colours or design or their lanyard.

  • Concert Promoters/ Event Promoters

In the showbiz industry, the identification holds huge importance like neck lanyards having ID cards. The promoters are and organisers are recognised with the lanyards they carry. These are used by the band crew, media, security personnel, and other individuals working backstage.

  • School- Staff & Teachers

Wearing lanyards with an ID card in the school is important for the staff as well as teachers. It becomes easy for the students to recognise the individual with their lanyards. Moreover, in functions, events, it becomes easier for parents to differentiate between staff and teachers.

  • Military Personnel

Lanyard is one of the major aspects of identification for military personnel. Along with the ID cards, rank pinned on the shoulder pads, and name tag on the uniform, lanyards are also important.

Along with these, the lanyards are used by city building and permit inspectors, home service technicians, mountain climbers, and many others. For design and print lanyard in Singapore, you can visit Global Asia Printings. They provide quality. You can check the official website and view the samples to get the design idea.

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