The Best Purple Hair Shade for Your Skin Tone

For decades several hair shade trends have been coming and going after making an impact in the hair coloring industry. Unfortunately, such hair colors don’t last for long. For instance, last year, there were hair coloring trends such as sunflower shades and a half and half hair hues that drove everyone crazy. However, their popularity didn’t last for a long time, and sooner than later, everyone had forgotten about them. However, there are other trends such as purple hair dye that has overcome the test of time and remained popular among professionals and beauty queens. From subtle shades of hair such as lilac and lavender to dark shades such as indigo, the purple dye is the talk of the town right now. 

This article intends to show you various purple shades that fit your skin tone and undertone. Remember the secret to rocking the best purple hair color is choosing the best one that suits your skin tone. Here are some trends that will inspire you. Take a look.

  • For Ladies with Fair Skin and Cool Undertones.

For this category of women, you will look beautiful if you choose pastel purple color, such as lilac. This one will give you a hair look that appears adorable and feminine.

  • Fair Skin and Warm Undertones.

If you have this kind of skin tone, you would want to go for a raspberry hair shade. That would be adorable. You don’t want to go too pale with your hair hue simply because your skin tone is pale. And if you need a bold shade, then this is the right purple color for you. 

  • Light Skin and Cool Undertones.

If this is the type of your skin tone, then you would want to go for the whimsical orchid as your best shade. Resembling lavender, the orchid has a subtly bluer undertone that looks great on women with cool skin tone. 

  • Light Skin and Warm Undertones.

If you have this type of skin tone, then you would want to go for lavender hair shade but make sure that the roots are exposed. If you choose it, there is no way you are going to run away from visible roots.

  • Dark Skin and Cool Undertones.

For the ladies with this kind of skin tone, you would want to choose glittery eggplant purple hair. This is the best hair shade for the ladies who aren’t ready to dump their dark hair for anything else. It helps you retain your neutral black and browns. The hair shade is quite romantic and alluring.

  • Deep Skin and Warm Undertones.

For women with this kind of skin tone, the magenta hair color would go a long way. This is a fact; pink and purple complement each other perfectly, and the magenta hair color proves this. 

  • Mid-Skin Tone and Warm Undertones.

Plum purple hair color would look great for this type of skin tone. The color will appear great against your medium skin tone. 

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