The Most Essential Details in The Airplane Earrings

A person who understands fashion is immediately visible by individual elements: what outfit is chosen, whether the shades are combined and what jewelry is worn. Jewelry is just a small detail that completes the created image. A lot of aviation jewelry can be stored in a box, but only those that look appropriate in a particular case and image should be worn. The airplane necklace is the best option here.

Selection Rules

The most common mistake is the use of a large number of jewelry and their inconsistency. To avoid such troubles, you should adhere to a number of recommendations:

Aviation jewelry should be chosen in the same style as the outfit. Glamorous style involves the use of shades of pink and rhinestones. Ethno style is perfectly complemented by products of primitive shapes. The boho style allows for a mixture of different shades and patterns. In the modern style, restrained forms of geometric shapes are used;

Restriction of Choice

Whole sets of rings, earrings and necklaces are a thing of the past. The modern world allows the use of only two accessories: a ring and a necklace, a bracelet and airplane earrings, in some cases it is permissible to use a brooch;

Compliance with the Time and the Upcoming Event

Today, the use of bright accents in the image only in the evening is no longer relevant, but in the daytime it is better to give preference to jewelry with a minimum amount of glitter and rhinestones. Inexpensive plastic, textile and leather products look best. You can wear expensive original airplane jewelry to the event, and not necessarily made of gold and diamonds. Even a designer leather or metal thing will do. Then you can also opt for the samurai necklace here.

Choose According To Your Cloths

Often women of fashion do not pay attention to the combination of massive jewelry with clothes; however, this is one of the most difficult choices. Large items with a knitted sweater will only add weight to the look. As a result, it will become heavy and cumbersome. If you choose airy accessories, they will simply get lost against the background of such an outfit. The sword necklace is the best choice there.

Color combination with the outfit, where harmony should be achieved. Usually jewelry is chosen to match the tone of the outfit or they are contrasting. The second option involves the use of only 2-3 contrasting elements;

No Less Important Is the Pattern on the Jewelry

If the clothes are plain, a product with an intricate pattern will do. In the case of variegated colors of the outfit, monochromatic bulky accessories are selected; otherwise small products will be lost among bright colors.

Consider the style of clothing. Simple, modest jewelry of aviation necklace is suitable for the original outfit, which will not interrupt the style of the cut. If there is a bright glitter pattern in the chest area, the necklace should not be worn. A short dress trimmed with lace will perfectly complement long gloves, not a bracelet.

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