Wedding Ring Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

The wedding season is here, and everyone is hunting wedding ring set that keeps up with the latest trends popping up all over the internet. 

Let’s look into the top engagement ring trends for 2020:

  • Uniqueness

Most of the designers are betting on their brides-to-be hunting for wedding ring sets that are more personalized and non-traditional. For 2020 brides will continue to seek out non-traditional rings featuring unusual stones. The jewelry industry has witnessed a rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for engagement rings over the years, but experts believe that 2020 will totally witness the continuation of this tradition of being unique.

  • Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is seeing a strong comeback this season with a lot of glittering gold out there. This once-bemoaned metal is now set to make a significant comeback on the hands of the chicest brides-to-be. This shift towards sustainability and transparency in engagement rings is seen as the younger Millennials, and the first of the Gen Zs are all set to tie the knot.

  • Sustainability

2020 we see a shift towards sustainability and transparency in engagement rings as the younger Millennials and the first of the Gen Zs have a more practical approach to life. Modern consumers now look forward to aligning their personal values with what brands deliver. They have high brand standards set as they only prefer the ones who can tell an authentic story about their ring, which is relatable. Black diamonds, emerald, unique-shaped diamonds are gaining popularity along with the non-traditional shapes like open rings.

  • Multiple Stones

There is a rise in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring, and 2020 will see brides-to-be hunting for wedding ring set having numerous diamonds or stacked wedding bands.

  • Brands adding value with unique brand propositions

Even with classic diamond shapes, consumers are looking for something out of the ordinary for the setting. An increasing request for a unique band over a solitaire engagement ring is the best example of that. Brides are loving the idea of going more non-traditional with a statement band,which is more personalized and special.  And for this, they only prefer the brands that deliver value to create the differentiation.

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