What is Tungsten?

Tungsten, additionally referred to as wolfram, is a chemical element found on the table of elements. It is named from the Swedish phrase “heavy stone,” indicative of the weight of the metal as well as strength. Tungsten is frequently defined using superlatives. Here are some:

  • Tungsten has the highest possible melting point of all steels
  • It is the heaviest steel used in jewelry
  • It is the hardest as well as most scrape immune steel
  • The most popularly used metal for a wedding in America is tungsten wedding bands and rings

Tungsten Against Tungsten Carbide

Although typically used mutually, there are distinctions between these both terms. Tungsten, in the pure type, can’t be utilized in fashion jewelry. Rather, it is created as a metal, including almost 85% tungsten as well as 15% carbon, cobalt, or nickel, which is referred to as tungsten carbide.

Since tungsten is really weak, blending it with carbon lowers this characteristic, making the metal more sturdy and easier to work with. The cobalt or nickel acts as a binder, holding the metal with each other as well as making it feasible to form it.

Tungsten carbide with a nickel binder is thought about the top quality as well as suitable for wedding bands. Nevertheless, tungsten carbide and cobalt is not advised to be used as a binder for jewelry because the cobalt reacts with body oils often, and can cause irritations on skin as well as discoloration.

As we’ve stated, tungsten carbide consists of carbon. Tungsten without carbon is just a steel ring, with a Mohs of 7.5. It can still get harmed and damaged. Nonetheless, when carbon is added into the mix to produce carbide, the resulting metal becomes very tough and long-lasting.

Some sellers’ market rings of tungsten, yet call them tungsten carbide. Therefore, take care of not all ring of tungsten carbide on the market is really carbide.

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