What are the criteria for choosing the perfect engagement gifts?

Someone close to you is not single anymore. You would like to celebrate this by giving a gift. However, what can you give? These days, most couples in love live together before getting married. Classic engagement gifts are waste of money. The engagement gift must remain engraved in the memory, regardless of gender, relationships. It is why you select the perfect engagement gift.

If your son or daughter got engaged

When looking for an engagement gift for your daughter, matching rings make a beautiful choice, one for her engagement, and another for her wedding. Just pay attention that the rings do not look dull, or match with your engagement ring. Do not forget to think about the bridal jewelry that she will wear that day. If you give her a nice pair of earrings, she can match the rest of her jewelry and wear it on the wedding day.

If it is someone very close to you

When your best friend or sister gets married, it is a good gesture to gift diamond/gold jewelry. You can choose to complement the bridal jewelry or a memento. For the latter, we recommend that you think of a custom-made necklace with the date of the engagement. A gold bracelet is a precious piece of jewelry that you she can wear every day. You must take into account exactly what you are planning. Do not forget the groom.  Give him cufflinks or a tie pin.

Gifts appropriate for an engaged couple

There are popular gifts for couples, such as experience gift vouchers. You can also give them a gift coupon for jewelry. Regardless of whether the couple uses this gift coupon for engagement rings, wedding rings, or bridal jewelry – the newlywed gift will be cherished for a long time. With a pair of earrings or a beautiful bracelet, you can give an extra touch to the rest of the jewelry.

How can you surprise your partner?

You can also give your future husband a gift – a gift that is personal and meaningful, a symbol of your commitment to each other for life. We recommend looking for something in classic range and adding a personal touch. A gold watch with an elegant appearance and a special message engraved on it. Besides a watch, you can also opt for a pair of cufflinks that can be worn with a suit at the wedding.

Are there any gifts for the guest?

The bride and groom are the center of attention on the big day. However, your wedding is also a great opportunity to put some people in the spotlight. Some newlyweds give gifts to guests as a sign of gratitude. For the bridesmaids, you can present them with a set of earrings or a nice silver necklace. It is ideal to handover the gift at least 2 days prior to the primary venue so that the guests and bridesmaids can give a trial. It is up to you to continue that trend.

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