Who to respect and what to expect?

The heading of this article is a bit different and has a lot of meaning in it, which must be discussed. It is noticed that normally we respect to our parents the most and then we give respect to all the other elders like big brothers, sister, and family members. Another person to whom we give respect is the one takes good care, who spends good and bad both times with you and who share and discuss different matters with you and who remember your special days and gifts you. Well, this is the first let’s move another one which is what to expect? So, there are no limits of expectations but to expect more from the one whom you think that he or she cannot be able to do that and when they did you got really surprised, this is the moment you decides to start respecting, normally. However, there is a greedy little point which we shall discuss latter on as for now just ignore all the greedy things from the mind.

To understand it more let assume an example that your uncle who is not likened by any one in your family due to his harsh attitude and also due to his financial conditions, got a promotion and transfer in any Middle East country. It is noted that when any one goes a bit far from you then you start missing or respecting them because till any of the one lives together or near to you, it is simply become in routine to exchange some common sentences and many other things which makes the situation normal until and unless anything which is not in your knowledge happened. Well, so after uncle’ settlement there in the Middle East they decided to send gifts to Pakistan to his family to make them happy.

Further, He wanted to make a note or show them how much he cared but didn’t have any chance to express and now this is the time and chance both for him so he doing the best from his side, by sending the all favorite and wonderful things as a gifts to Pakistan to his relatives and family members with many Hope that they like it and would get surprised, So now the way he wanted to get all gifts to be delivered in Pakistan in such a way that he wants and on the day with time he wanted to be delivered at his house.

Moreover, now it is quite hard to get anyone other than your family member who can deliver your gift to Pakistan on exact date and time as you want and with the expression and decoration you desire, but when you want to get surprised your family, so you need someone from outside but takes good care. Like, you need that your all gifts must be delivered on Sunday in the morning time when a whole family sit together for breakfast so they would become surprised and it creates the costless happiness which cannot be defined but only be feel, because you will get more respect and they got what they didn’t expect!

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