Why Moissanite Rings Continue to Gain Popularity

It’s really no surprise that moissanite rings are increasing in popularity as both engagement rings and weddings rings. While moissanite is not a direct competitor to diamonds, it looks extremely similar to diamonds when comparing the two with the naked eye. Both are a clear gemstone that give off a beautiful reflection when under a bright light. The main difference that can be seen with the naked is that diamond gives off only white light while a moissanite stone will give off more of a colorful light.

Nowadays moissanite is a lab-created stone as it is even more scarce than diamonds in its natural state. Due to the ability to be created in labs makes moissanite a lot more affordable, while also giving it properties that make it more brilliant, shinier, and gives it a higher fire dispersion than an equivalent diamond. Moissanite is also considered better than cheap alternatives like carbon zirconium because moissanite does not get cloud, fog, change color, or scratch easily – something that often happens over time with carbon zirconium. In fact moissanite ranks at a 9.25-9.5 on the Moh’s scale. To put that in perspective a diamond is the hardness natural material at a perfect 10.

To compare diamond directly to moissanite might be slightly unfair, but moissanite has and will continue to gain popularity due to it’s affordability. A typical 2-carat diamond will often exceed $5,000 just for the stone, while a 2-carat moissanite, which offers more brilliance and more fire dispersion will often cost less than $1,500. This is a large reason why moissanite engagement rings are being seen as a popular alternative to diamond engagement rings. While millennials are feeling stuck with large school loans, higher rent, and smaller incomes, moissanite gives the perfect change to propose to the love of your life while keeping within a tight budget.

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