8 best Leather duffel bags for travel – 2020

Time stands witness that mankind has evolved through ages but one thing that has never changed, and and never left his inquisitive mind is his constant lust for travel. Our search for the wild and for the unknown, to explore and unravel new dimensions as we travel to the toughest terrains from most arid mountains to the deepest oceans, man has always exhibited his pleasure in travel. Be it for adventure, or leisure, entertainment or his love for nature and a keen eye for aesthetics, travel has driven man to jungles, forests, deserts, safaris, islands, beaches, mountain treks, or even countrysides and villages.

The trip on which we are, decides what we need on our way to survive, sustain or merely celebrate the days we are on the move, and this in turn decides what and how we should manage our tools and equipments, clothes and toiletries, perfume and first-aid box all together and still keep it light enough to be carried easily. 

So, here in this article, we are going to make your travelin 2020more interesting with our powerful amazing collection of leather duffel bags from High On Leather.

  • Leather Holdall Bag 24”

This is a “Weekend bag” as our team calls it, making it highly suitable for all weekend short trips. An uncle of mine was very fond of golf, and went on to play golf on every weekends. One day his long-time favorite gennie golf-kit left his old truested company and tore apart making all his treasures lay bare on the floor. I laughed out loud, because ‘golf’ as the name suggests needs something equally sturdy and worthy. I suggested him this Leather Holdall Bag which silently equipped all his essentials and soon became my uncle’s favourite and so his friends’. 

This goat leather duffel bag is best match for all sportslovers and also for any of those couples who like to hangout during weekends.

  • Large Leather Suitcase 22”

A suitcase in leather is not heard very often, but is only popular among genuine leather lovers, and who readily know what purposes a leather packing can serve during an unplanned travel or at times when your stay prolongs unexpectedly leaving you unprepared and clueless on your journey. 

This large goat-leather suitcase is a must if you are not sure of your travel destinations, or you are not certain about your period of stay. This only means that you have to go that extra mile thinking all you might require in case there is a reason needing you to stay longer than you planned. The three pockets on front, back and inner wall thoughtfully measures your trifles and allocates spaces for each.

  • Handmade Leather Duffle Bag 

The term ‘hand-made’ or ‘hand-crafted’ often gives my customers a jolt, thinking how costly a hand-crafted item can be, considering all the time it takes, and the manual processes. 

However, we have somehow managed to make our customers happy by offering this beautiful hand-crafted pieces within a range they could hardly imagine.

With four pockets, and a smart flap to cover the zipper, you have the perfect leather support to stop on your way back home from a tiring work-day, and just get set and go.

  • Full Grain Leather Duffel Bag

This is the first cowhide duffle from my secret store, and is specially made for my customers who simply love to travel, any time and every time with the same diligent passion. Let me tell you, a cowhide, any leather-lover easily falls in love with because of the tension on the skin, the sheen and the patina beautifully blended together. The add-ons, zippers and accessories in this bag are carefully crafted not to disturb its build and design. 

A cowhide is seriously meant to bear the extensive fatigue any long journey has to offer, and you never think twice before you dump it on the speeding conveyor. We have given a soft fabric lining to the bag under the strong cowhide, so that though you may treat it harsh, you can still allow some delicate stuff to be arranged in the bag including your baby food. We have added canvas strap to the bag to give your shoulders a softer support, and also enriched the bag with purpose wax to let it continue with its shine, and durability beyond a lifetime.

  • Large Leather Duffel Bag 24”

This bag is chosen by customers for its exclusive design, and enormous room. We have received an increasing demand of this bag  because of the innate texture it offers on the surface. The natural tan and blemish on the surface along with the ridges and the fissues of natural leather gives this bag a very unique appearance. The immense response we received from our customers for this  has impelled us to include this in our travel bucket list for 2020.

  • Retro Leather Duffel Bag 22”

Now it’s time for the most popular one in the family. This bag is not known for its size, that is generally the fundamental search of all travellers across the globe, but its unique design. This cylindrical bag is surely going to create an awe among all your fellow travellers. Made of goat leather, this is preferred by customers moving for a small family weekend trip or with friends to a sumptuous destination. You may also plan a short graceful trip full of energy and romance with this lovely piece. 

  • Leather Military Duffel Bag 24”

As the name might suggest this bag is not meant for or restricted for the army men alone, but instead its features and the fact that it has been immensely loved by the army people has called for the title. This is another cowhide piece from the item that makes it really strong, resisting any harshness on road. 

However, this piece differs from the other by its extra-ordinary appearance. This is not one of those dark leather anyone is easily fond of, but has a rusty texture not so common with cowhide leather. It is prone to heat, moisture and sun, lasts 5 times more than any of your fabric bags, doesn’t crack, or tear or chip off.

  • HOL Expandable Duffel Bag

This is one of HOL best designed duffel bags with an unexpected sale record till date. With team, we carefully studied what makes our travellers go crazy for these duffel bags, and have crafted the best features of all into this one-performace bag. With big-zip pockets, one adjustable shoulder strap along with handles, high quality zippers, you can easily flaunt your style around in jungles.

With these duffel bags accompanying you to the most rigid zones, do not forget to share with us your best travel stories !!!! 

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