Coco Song Eyewear can be a great accessory

Selecting a correct eyewear that can enhance the features of your facial structure is not that much difficult nowadays. There are large varieties of eyewear that are available in the market. You can choose as per your choice and budget. Eyewear can serve as a great fashion accessory to you if selected correctly. You can choose the most trending and beautiful eyewear from coco song eyewear. You can go for the latest frames of prescription eyewear too. 

You will find a huge range online and you can also try the latest shapes of frames as per your face so as to get the best looks.

Why select the frames according to your face shape?

It happens many times that when you see a beautiful frame in the market you try it but it does not look good on you. This is because you are not selecting your frame according to your facial shape. Go according to the shape of your face to enhance the facial features. Some of the shapes that different face people can try are as follows.

  • Heart shape – a heart shaped face has a wide top and narrow bottom. To balance it, choose the frames that are a little wider at the bottom and have light structure at the top. Choose the light colored frames which give you airy feel. 
  • Oval shape – oval face shape is very ideal amongst all the shape as it is balanced already. Choose the frame that can maintain that natural balance. Go for the wider frames that are walnut shaped. This walnut shape eyewear is not too narrow or too deep and will look good on you. 
  • Diamond shape – this facial structure is narrow at the jaw line and forehead. To soften the cheekbones which are broad in this shape use oval glasses or cat-eye shaped frames. 

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