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Weddings Design’s factors of success

There are many reasons why our clients adore us. But the one reason that always stands out; is our ability to adapt to every idea or theme that the couple might find interesting.

Our Marrakech wedding planner have been through every type of wedding, and sure enough, all of those weddings were simply glamorous.

We know that it isn’t fair to play favourites, and we’d like to say that all of our eternal couples were just adorable.

But, Adam and Claire are by far, the most gorgeous couple we’ve had the pleasure to meet. We admired their casual vibe and their unique love for each other.

Here’s what Claire had to say:

We’re a pretty casual couple, so we wanted our wedding to reflect that. I wasn’t interested in having a super glitzy princess wedding. It was really more important to us that our guests were comfortable and had a great time. And our Morocco wedding planner did just that. They listened, they brainstormed gorgeous ideas, and they gave us exactly what we wanted – flawlessly.

Our dmc Marrakech has planned Claire’s wedding with perfection, and needless to say, everyone present had an amazing time celebrating Claire and Adam’s declaration of love. A simple wedding that’s all about the concept of celebrating love. Even though we’re pretty big on castles and royal palaces, we do not mind planning simple weddings that revolve around the idea of having a soul-enriching celebration.

Your dmc Marrakech cater to your needs. You will be provided with legal consultation, and your Marrakech wedding planner will provide you with a wide list of gorgeous Marrakech wedding venues to choose from.

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